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Life, Death and Rebirth


Performancing Metrics


By Kåre Bergheim

     9th of December 2012


Rebirth is a fact of life according to information delivered by Billy Meier and his extra-terrestrial contact persons. We evolve through rebirth, which is why we have already had numerous life times behind us, with yet many more to come. There are also many misconceptions related to the concept of rebirth and those linked to it such as reincarnation, spirit, soul and personality.


Reference: Widergeburt,Leben,Sterben,Tod und Trauer (2004) by Billy Meier. Page 1 to 21 Wiedergeburt und Geburt resp. Reinkarnation und Inkarnation. Page 22 to 35 Widergeburt und Geburt and page 35 to 48 Reinkarnation der Geistform und Inkarnation der neuen Persönlichkeit

  • Rebirth and Birth, respectively Reincarnation and Incarnation.

  • Rebirth and Birth.
  • Reincarnation of the spirit form and incarnation of the new personality. 

Rebirth and Birth, respectively Reincarnation and Incarnation.


When speaking of rebirth, then it is generally understood to mean that humans, after their death and stay in the beyond, are being reborn with identical personality. That however, correspond to a fundamental error and consequently also a fundamental false teaching like this has been disseminated in religious and also in sectarian and in part in philosophical form for several thousands of years. That is to say, the truth in regards to rebirth is funded quite differently than what is being disseminated through the rebirth false doctrine.


Fundamentally in this respect, the following has to be taken into account: If the physical body of a human dies, then he comprehensive consciousness block enters into an area in the beyond, which simply is called the realm or sphere, respectively plane of the dead. In this area in the beyond, the immaterial comprehensive consciousness block processes everything which, in the sphere of the life existence of the physical body, could not be tackled and processed. Then when, after a longer or shorter time, the comprehensive consciousness block has reached the point where everything still unprocessed has been tackled and processed, it changes its force and energy to a completely neutral form, whereby the personality which existed in the previous physical life expires. 


If neutrality has been reached, then a completely new personality begins to form, which is not at all any longer related to the old personality. And if in the end this new personality, respectively the new consciousness has been formed, then comes the moment when the comprehensive consciousness block again can incarnate in a physical human body, simply as a new personality, respectively consciousness form, which for the first time is being born.  Thus follows with a new birth of a new consciousness also a new personality. However, when also the new body dies and death occur, it will enter with the  comprehensive consciousness block in the beyond to tackle and process all that is unprocessed for then to expire to become neutral force and energy, out of which again a new personality, respectively consciousness is being formed and which then is born at its specific date.


So no rebirth takes place with regards to the personality, respectively the consciousness form. A rebirth is solely and exclusively peculiar to the forever lasting immortal spirit form alone. The sprit form which enlivens humans is creational power and energy and hence a part of Creation itself, which however in this sense has to be seen as a power- and energy creation of Creation itself. It involves an independently developing power- and energy form of spiritual nature, which was created by Creation for the purpose to evolve in love, knowledge and wisdom etc. for one day to merge with creation and become in unity with it, whereby it also has been provided with the opportunity of evolution.


Thus, when it is here said that humans are enlivened by a fraction of creational spirit, that does not here refer to this fraction as being a fraction of itself, respectively as a fraction of Creation itself, but instead as a power- and energy part created by Creation, which independently form the human spirit form and which also likewise independently evolve through the evolution of the human-material consciousness. In doing so the spirit form does not change to another form, power or energy, as is the case with the comprehensive consciousness block, which by the shedding and dissolving the old personality become neutralized and creates a new personality, respectively a new consciousness form.


The spirit form always remains the same, whereby it however evolves, increases in power and becomes more energy-rich and more knowledgeable and wiser. And it is this spirit form, which is growing in itself, in power and energy and remains in form unchanged, which after every stay, in a pure spiritual plane in the beyond, again becomes reborn in a human-physical body. However this only take place together with the comprehensive consciousness block, which from time to time creates a new personality/consciousness form, by a total change and neutralisation of its power and energy. Whereby in this regard it should be kept in mind that a once formed personality, respectively consciousness form, is never repeated, consequently the same never appear twice, not even through the vast number of deaths and changes in the course of the overall evolution of between 40 to 60 million years which must completed in human bodies.


The general false human re-embodiment doctrine, respectively the rebirth, the reincarnation of the same personality is well known amongst many people on Earth and may well prevail as the underlying religion from which the teaching originally came into being. It is also the case that the teaching of rebirth in terms of the actual truth belongs to the oldest creeds which is being formulated in words and teaching and disseminated by people on Earth.


If one looks in the annals from all epochs and to all people with some sort of religious or philosophical representation then can unmistakably the idea of rebirth, in one form or another, be noticed in all of them. It is also the case, which also the history demonstrates, that at any time, it has always been those most knowledgeable and wise who have disseminated, taught and advocated the teaching of rebirth, also when they sometimes did not grasp and were unable to understand the fundamental truth. But they nevertheless felt drawn towards the teaching of reincarnation / the teaching of rebirth; hence they adopted it and integrated it into their thinking concept. They then cultivated the idea and made it accessible for their fellowmen as teaching and as part of their consciousness as well as the core of their understanding, whereby their teaching material regarding this, naturally was oriented towards their own philosophical or religious system, in accordance with how they lived and what they taught.


With all the incorrect teachings and misunderstandings related to the re-embodiment, respectively reincarnation of humans with the same personality, must also the fact be realized, acknowledged and stated that the real wise and knowledgeable already at very early times, and in all epochs, deemed, recognized and taught people the actual truth in this regard, hence that solely the spirit form is capable of being reborn. When and how the first misinterpretation, and in the end falsification took place in regard to that the personality reincarnate, respectively is being reborn, can unfortunately not be determined writes Billy further.


What however is clearly recognizable and handed down is the fact that by the knowledgeable and wise, the real truth became recognized and taught, namely that the reincarnation / rebirth is reserved for the spirit form alone, which at earlier times was explained by the following words “Rebirth means the crossover of the spirit form, after the human is deceased, into a new physical body and into a new existence.” However, that out from that a false teaching as well as a falsification of the concept spirit form into the concept soul came into being, which unfortunately until present day has been maintained, is completely incomprehensible and extremely unfortunate.


The soul is in fact not an immortal creational energy in this sense, but can be compared with the more fitting concept psyche, which embodies a physical conditional force and consequently it is also influenced by external and internal influences via thoughts and emotions, and as a result it can be happily uplifted but it also can be damaged, whereby mental problems, mental damages and psychological lows can result, like when in high spirits psychological highs come about as well etc.


These characteristics are only given the psyche, respectively <soul>, since it is only material in nature and can therefore sustain damages, in complete contrast to the Spirit, respectively the spirit form of humans, which is of pure creational nature and is creational energetic and therefore taboo for all human and material influences, and can in no way be attacked or damaged. Thus it is also wrong to assume, and it is a mistake to claim, that the spirit, respectively the spirit form can be struck by illness, because in truth everything of creational pure energetic, fine matter form is completely invulnerable and can therefore also not fall ill. Consequently there is no such thing as <spiritual disease>.


But in contrast to that stands the material consciousness, which can be influenced positively or negatively by both thoughts and emotions and consequently also by conditions of the psyche. This makes it possible that the material natured consciousness, respectively the personality of humans can fall into high spirits, euphoria or confusion or even become ill and thus suffer a consciousness disease, which then erroneously or ignorantly by people is being labelled spiritual disease. 


Regarding the ego; The ego is on one hand not in any way spiritual and thus not of creational-energetic nature. And on the other hand it does not embody an I-form which the ego concept indicates.  An ego, an I, only represent the personality, respectively the material consciousness form, thus consequently the human spirit, respectively the spirit form cannot be spoken of as an ego, because the spirit, respectively the spirit form have no ego and thus no personality. The spirit form in humans, is arranged as a creational part in the overall creational energy, and in fact without its own personality, respectively without own ego. The spirit, the spirit form in humans is in all respect neutral and in energy 100 per cent positive and 100 per cent negative.


And since the spirit, respectively the spirit form of humans is an energy packet created by Creation, which has to evolve through the human consciousness, it must therefore be neutral and without ego in the sense people interpret personality, respectively I. In the way of consciousness of the human spirit, respectively the spirit form in humans, it harbour no own thinking, feeling and action which is characteristic for the ego, the I, respectively the personality/consciousness form of humans.  That is to say, if indeed the spiritual consciousness form of humans was to have an own ego, then it would inevitably create an acute and unsolvable conflict between the spiritual and the material consciousness form, respectively between the spiritual and the material ego.


Like Creation itself is absolutely neutral towards all its creations, so too is also the spiritual consciousness of humans completely neutral, and is only a receiver and processor of the evolutionary impulses coming towards it, from which  it creates knowledge, love and wisdom which it accumulate in itself. But in contrast to this is the material consciousness, the ego of humans, their personality, respectively consciousness form, which independently makes observations, investigate things and facts, learn in a conscious way, and from all results acquired, which correspond  with truth and reality and true evolutionary values, then reaches, in the way of impulses, from the material consciousness by the means of thoughts and feelings and via the censor in the material sub consciousness, into the material central consciousness, from where they then in the form of impulses transfer into the spiritual central-consciousness . From there, to then pass via the spiritual sub consciousness and via the censor and the Gemüt (the counterpart to the Psyche in the material realm), to then reach into the spiritual consciousness as feelings and impulses.



The teaching of the spirit, the spiritual teachings, covers a wide range of areas, and in fact in a number which never will be understood by humans, with all its acquired knowledge throughout the ages to this day, and still will not be understood with the knowledge they will acquire into the distant future, writes Billy. The areas not only covers the origin of the Being-Absolute (SEIN-Absolutums) and all the levels to the Absolute Absolute (Absoluten Absolutum) and the resulting Creations, the present DERN-Universe, in which humans on planet Earth lives, but it covers also the creational law and commandments and with that also the natural laws, the coming and goings, life and death, the evolution of all life and everything existing, cause and effects etc. and so forth. 


Thus, also the pre creative phase of Creation is mentioned, as well as the creation of the spirit forms by Creation, which through many rebirths time and again, together with a comprehensive consciousness block assigned to each and which from life to life crates a new personality, enlivens a new human physical body. And this very fact have since time immortal been, and still is today, often misunderstood and is why misinterpretation issues always occur, which very often has a mystical complexion, even though the issue is in no way mystical, if only the facts become recognised and acknowledged, writes Billy further.


Since time immortal, the reality has been that at different epochs, certain parts of the teaching of rebirth have been particularly emphasized, neglected or falsified. Thus it was inevitable that in the course of the age gone by, in some form or another the teaching or even certain falsely interpreted aspects of the original teaching of rebirth became to such an extent important, that the true form of the teaching often was sidelined and forgotten. It thus became the reason why the true form of the original teaching disappeared and gave way for ignorance and misunderstanding.


However, the same thing happened with other things and with the knowledge of the spiritual teaching, and therefore a “obfuscation of the consciousness” took place in humans on Earth which ultimately ended in a total “darkness” in regards to the true spiritual teachings, as it today prevails in the majority of mankind. The loss of the root teaching, respectively the loss of the teaching of the spirit and with that also the loss of the teaching of rebirth is thus historically, and did not originate in modern times.


Thus it is also the traditional falsifications of the teachings, in which fundamentally individual worth’s were extracted and which then became a false teaching spread worldwide where individual worth’s became worthlessness and became irresponsibly overemphasised and which today has mislead and confused many people. Through mistakes, errors, misunderstandings, false interpretation and falsifications of the teaching of rebirth, have differences originated, which have led to false forms of teachings and instructions in which the overall law of rebirth has been placed in a false light.


With regard to the human spirit, respectively the human spirit form, it is completely wrong to assume that a re-embodiment will take place upon entering the area in the beyond after the death of the physical body. Because the spirit, respectively the sprit form, keep its natural-creational-energetic existence, in the human-material body as well as in the plane in the beyond, without its shape being changed. The spirit, the spirit form, does not need to transform, but remain the same at all times both in the sphere of the area in the beyond as well as in the physical body of humans. That means that the spirit form in humans has the same and identical shape as in the plane in its area in the beyond, from which it again is being born into a physical body.


Specifically with regard to becoming reborn, there exist different terms and phrases through which people are being misled and through which misunderstandings occur. With that, if one takes the generally established term reincarnation, then it must first be stated that this term, used for the rebirth of the spirit, respectively the spirit form, for many people is quite confusing, because many either do not understand the word or they misunderstand the actual meaning of the word. Consequently the term is by many incorrectly used and incorrectly understood, and precisely in terms of a re-embodiment, respectively a turning into flesh again of the physical body. However, this cannot be reborn, respectively become reincarnated, because after its demise/death it start to decay and vanish and can thus not be reborn, respectively <enter into flesh>.


Also the spirit, respectively the spirit form, cannot again be embodied, respectively become flesh, since he/she is of pure creational origin and consist of pure creational-spiritual energy which never loses its form, permanence and existence and thus will remain in existence for all times, both in the physical body in this world, as well as in the fine matter, respectively immaterial, plane of the area in the beyond.


Since the term reincarnation has become adopted into the language by people on Earth and hardly any longer can be thought away or erased away from usage, it must arguably still continue to be used, and indeed regrettably with the suggestion that it is being misunderstood and wrongly applied. However, people with knowledge in the spiritual teaching should with respect to the finer points

and the value of the word and the term be really aware of the truth about it, in order to understand the actual and real meaning, and therefore that rebirth is not the rebirth of the physical body, but means the repeated birth of the spirit, respectively the spirit form of humans.


The spirit, the spirit form is an immortal factor in the being of Creation and consequently it can only change from one plane into another, thus from the plane of the material existence in the human body to the plane of the spirit-energy-conditional beyond. From the plane of the beyond into the plane of the material human body is the change called birth, respectively re-birth, while the change from the human physical body into the plane of the beyond is referred to as dying, respectively death. Rebirth is thus about an already existing and continuous process, which also means <once again being born>.


But this process has nothing to do with a new birth in the proper sense, because a such one only take place once in the existence of the human spirit, respectively the human spirit form, namely when the spirit, the spirit form, still completely unknowing for the first time is being born into a human body. In this form he/she is still called new spirit and collects in this first life the first impulses of knowledge, love and wisdom etc. After the demise of the physical human body, disappears the spirit, the spirit form, into the spirit conditioned area of the beyond for there to spend a certain time evolving, for then again to be born, respectively become reborn in a human, physical body.


This process has nothing with a <back into existence> to do, because also in the human body remain the spirit in its own spiritual realm assigned for it, consequently it can not be made to interact with external entity of the physical body. Also by the first process, at and after the birth, it can not be looked at in this way, because it is bound by the same laws as when the first birth of the spirit form in a human body took place. The process itself, the move from one plane to another taking place, is called transformation and indeed in the sense of a move, respectively a transfer of the spirit, respectively the sprit form as creational energy.


The creational spirit part in humans, the spirit form of humans, in the first pre-birth phase represent only a completely neutral energy concentration, which timelessly exists without knowledge, love and wisdom. First after the first transformation into a physical-human body, respectively after the first birth, does it acquire, in the way of impulses, knowledge, love and wisdom etc., and indeed out of the material consciousness realm of humans.


The pre-birth existence of the spirit energy-accumulation, which through the first birth in a human body becomes a new spirit form, is a product of the creational Idea, whereby the Creational Power by its own energy unstoppably creates new spirit energy-accumulations in endless number.  And this process will first end at the time when 155,5 trillion years after its own creation has passed and  the contraction of itself, respectively the Universal Consciousness, respectively the Universe begins.


If a spirit energy accumulation transforms, respectively become born for the first time in a human body, then this does not mean in the proper sense that it is coming into existence, because that already took place before primeval times. By the birth in a human body, the spirit energy-accumulation as a new spirit begin another form of its existence, however it does not embody itself with, or through the human body, because as a spirit form it remains untouchable in every respect in its own spiritual realm, which can be found in the human brain, whereas the spiritual energy spreads out filigree like over every fibre in the human body.


The actual location of the spirit, the spirit form, is called superior colliculus (a paired structure forming a hub sitting on top of the mid brain). It clearly follows from all this that the human spirit, respectively the spirit form already existed before it was begotten and came into existence through enlivening a human body. This is the specific explanation for the pre-birth existence of the creational spirit part which enlivens humans as a spirit form.


Back to wrong words in regards to rebirth: Another misnomer constitutes the term <re-emobodiment>. A term which in no way apply to the real rebirth of the spirit form, but merely to the false doctrine that a living being, in this case a human,  after a certain time after death may again manifest and re-embody him/herself with his body and his/her old personality through a new human body. That is however according to the Creational law of rebirth something which is impossible states Billy, solely because only the creational-spiritual-fine matter and with that only the pure spiritual energy can transform from one plane to another, respectively be reborn, and thus in relation to humans, only their spirit, respectively their spirit form can do this, since it is fundamentally creational conditioned and hold no material aspects.   


The spirit form remains spirit form, in the body of humans as well as in the area in the beyond, or in higher planes like the planes of Arahat Athersata or Petale etc. And it never changes its form, also not with regards to its neutral and balanced consciousness, which has no relevance or similarity at all with the consciousness forms of the material consciousness, respectively the ego of humans. Thus also outside of the human body can the spirit form take no other shape than what it creational wise has been given from scratch. In any case, can the spirit form only <dwell> in a new human body and remain in it for so long until it again passes away and dies. Therefore, aspects of the type as explained by false doctrines that living beings through their ego/consciousness, respectively by their personality are able to undertake walks from life to life, simply represent untruth.


Besides, after the human spirit forms have completed their stay in the beyond they take no other bodies as <homes> than those of humans, consequently it is also represent an untruth when animal or plant like bodies are being assumed. Nor does it correspond with the facts that spirit forms of creational-human nature enlivens other spheres than those of the area in the beyond as non-physical beings in a physical visible or invisible form.


A re-embodiment of the spirit, respectively the spirit form of humans, an animal or a plant etc. can never take place, thus also not of the neutral consciousness of the spirit form, which consist of pure spiritual-creational energy. The spirit form is an independent, neutral and as a self-evolving consciousness form which always, and in every case, form the life centre of humans and any other life form and existence, and only this centre is able to be reborn and it therefore also fall under the creational directives and rules etc. of the laws of rebirth.


If one look at the reproduction of humans or any other life form, then in this regard it can never be spoken of as rebirth, respectively reincarnation because it is predominated  by completely other laws. Nor can it be any talk of it being an < coming into existence again> , but wholly and solely of a  new creation of a human body, respectively of a new procreation of a human body  or any other life form. The siring ability is given by a physical sperm which fertilises an egg out from which a physical body develops. Thus, it can in no way be spoken of as something which <again becomes> or <reappear in existence>.


A rebirth first takes place when a spirit form, which has been born at least once before, establish itself in a new body and <take up residence> in it and thereby enlivens the body.  If however a spirit form, which never has been born in a human body before, establishes itself in such a one, then it is spoken of as being a new spirit form. In any case is the spirit form, whether or not it is old or new, in no way identical to the spirit form of the father or the mother, consequently it can in no way be regarded as the same spiritual power, respectively that energy or a spirit form part of the parents contributed to the new body, respectively life. Thus the offspring does not contain the same life, with respect to sprit form, given to the mother and the father. In terms of inheritance, this is based solely and exclusively on the factor a physical and genetically passing on of any things, no matter whether it refers to merits or demerits.


By the rebirth of the spirit form in a human body is also the comprehensive consciousness block included which likewise spend its disembodied time in a plane in the beyond suited for it, for there to process everything from the previous life which still needs to be processed in order to dissolve and discard the old ego, the old personality, respectively consciousness, for in this way to create something completely new, a new ego, respectively a new personality.  First when that has taken place – in a normal case – can the comprehensive consciousness block again be used by the spirit form, so that it can again be born.


One can not speak of a rebirth of the comprehensive consciousness block, which also form the ego, respectively  the personality which form the I – in the old as well as in the new form, when it again move into a human body together with the spirit form. Because in reality a new transmission, a new birth take place for the comprehensive consciousness block in each one of these occurrences, namely for the reason that the old personality is not reborn, but a new ego, a new I, respectively a new personality move into the body of humans together with the original spirit form.


That is also the reason which guarantee that progress in the way of  love, freedom, knowledge and wisdom in the life of humans exist at all, because only through an always new ego, respectively through a new personality, a new I,  are new ideas, views, opinions, recognitions, perceptions and inventions etc. formed. If however, the old personality of the previous life was reborn, that would result in no new aspects for it in this respect, consequently a stagnation would take place. It would thus cling to the past and the new would not be given the chance to manifest and develop itself.


This means that through continuously new births of the comprehensive consciousness block in connection with the rebirth of the spirit, respectively the spirit form of humans, a new ego, respectively consciousness develops which is referred to as a human consciousness and which is self-conscious and creational and evolutionally active. The ego, the I in this case the consciousness, respectively personality is in such a way formed that it is self-conscious and can be creative in an evolutionary way, unlike the spirit form consciousness which is not self-conscious and thus have no ego in the way of being self aware. It is creational inactive, but in a neutral-positive form it is consisting of a learn-consciousness which only senses in the form of impulses and which is learning and evolving through this sensing of impulses.  


The human spirit, respectively spirit form is passive in the way of being creative and is solely oriented towards the impulse type perceptions in order to, from these, to evolve by learning, in marked contrast to the human ego, which is conscious of itself as an I, and which also works and evolve in a conscious way. However, the human spirit, the spirit form come under the creational law of evolution which he/she neutral-positive perceive and build within itself knowledge, love and wisdom etc, for then to store all these values within itself until such time as the highest possible perfection has been reached, when the human spirit as pure spirit form enter from the highest pure-spirit-plane, the plane of Petale, into Creation itself in order to become one with it.


And it is only from that moment that the spirit form becomes self aware, whilst at the same time the merging with the Consciousness of Creation follows, whereby no creativity of the spirit form on its own take place, but rather one provided together with the Universal consciousness, respectively with Creation itself.


The spiritual consciousness is thus only able to self-consciously learn, without being self-conscious in the form of an ego, respectively an I. As previously explained it therefore comes to the state of its own consciousness and conscious creativity, only when it merges with Creation itself and becomes one with it – as a further and relative highest possible developed creational-spiritual evolutions-iota. That is in contrast to the human consciousness, which possesses its own self-conscious ego.


As a result of falsifications of the rebirth teaching, in particular in terms of <transmigration of souls>, misunderstandings in various forms occurred, whereby the so called <transmigration> achieved an unfortunate fame with respect to certain religious aspects and false sectarian doctrine. This concept is in general about a rewriting of the erroneous assumption and false doctrine that the human <soul> (which actually should have been referred to as the spirit, respectively the spirit form), for some time after death migrates into the animal world and thus becomes reborn in an animal body. The word, respectively the concept is equally misunderstood and misinterpreted, like many other words and concept are as well, which belong to the secret sciences, respectively the teaching of the spirit.

Thus, as explained, is the transmigration concept misused, misinterpreted or misunderstood to mean that a human would have to take on a rebirth as an animal, and in particular when the person had placed a heavy burden on his/her karma in the previous physical life. Through a heavy burdened karma, the false doctrine propagates, should the human thus be reborn as an animal and depending on the burden of his/her karma would have to suffer more or less evil and pain as an animal. Nevertheless, all that is nonsense and a false doctrine without parallel, because just as the creation conditioned human spirit, respectively spirit form cannot migrate and be born into an animal body, nor can the spirit, respectively the instinct-spirit form of an animal never be reborn in a human, but will always time and time again be reborn in an animal of the same kind and species.      

Therefore is also the creative nature of the human spirit, respectively spirit form aligned in such a way that he/she in all circumstances only can be reborn in a human body.  Just as any x-random animal body would never be able to give the creative conditioned human spirit any expression possibilities, nor could the human body never manifest animal forms of expression. The evolutionary human abilities, powers, dispositions as well as the human creativity can never be inherent in an animal, but only in a human, thus consequently humans can never transfer to be reborn in an animal body. 

Humans possess a self-conscious ego, a self-conscious consciousness; whilst animals only have a form self-non-conscious consciousness which fundamentally is guided purely on instinct by a self-non-conscious instinct-spirit form. It is only the instinct-spirit form and the characteristics of animals which make them into what they are, just as it is only the consciousness form being conscious of its own existence, with an ego conscious of its own existence, the I , the personality and all the evolutionary human characteristics which makes them into what he/she is – a human.


The spirit, the spirit form of humans is of the purest creation-spirit-energy. Still humans as a result of false ancient doctrines always go by the misconception that their ego, their I, respectively their consciousness, which in reality embodies their physical personality is identical to their spirit, respectively their spirit form and hence equal to it. This however is not true and does not correspond with the reality of the facts, but contradicts the creational-natural laws of segregation of spiritual and material energies/matters into two fundamentally different planes, namely into a creational-spiritual and into a physical.


Thus the ego, the I, respectively the self-conscious of its existence-consciousness of humans is of material and perishable nature whilst the non-creative and the self-non-conscious consciousness of the spirit, respectively the spirit form is of pure fine matter, spiritual-creative form. It is therefore not referred to as consciousness for the reason it would be self-conscious, but solely because it as pure active creation-energy in a conscious form is able to sense impulses coming from the physical area of the consciousness and through these consciously learn, store and evolve in the form of love, peace, wisdom, balance and harmony. The consciousness of the spirit is thus solely and exclusively only active in this respect, while it is completely passive with regard to independent creativity as purely creative and storable energy.


This stands in contrast to the material consciousness, respectively the ego, as mentioned several times before, which is conscious of its own existence and also, in a conscious form, is capable of creation and evolution, whereby it fundamentally differ from the spirit-consciousness. Moreover the creation-conditioned spirit, respectively the spirit form of humans represents the fundamental factor through which life at all exists and is maintained, whereby the spiritual life of humans starts on the 21st day after conception, when the spirit, respectively the spirit form establishes itself in humans.


Rebirth and birth


The human spirit respective the spirit form of a human does not dispose of a consciousness in which he/she would be able to be conscious of him- herself and in this way be creative. The spiritual consciousness is therefore not an Ego-consciousness, not an I-consciousness respectively not a personality consciousness but merely an evolution-consciousness respectively a learning-consciousness which is not able to recognize itself and in itself be overall powerful in the creation and the creative. In actual fact the spiritual consciousness consist of pure neutral-positive creational spirit type energy which is given the ability to form and evolve by the means of the  impulses originating from the material-consciousness, when it detect these impulses and process them in an evolutionary way.


Thus the spiritual consciousness in humans is not able to think independently creative, so it is strictly not able to create its own ideas and in this regards plays a passive role; this in complete opposite to the material-consciousness of the physical body. Therefore the mind in the spiritual realm, which Billy calls Gemüt in German, is not formed through work creating feelings- and thought, as opposed to the psyche in the material body, but instead in the way of impulse type feelings which on one hand come about from the processing of the of the registered impulses from the material consciousness realm, and on the other hand come about by influences which are purely all-encompassing everything spiritual in nature, which relate to direct Creation impulses as well as the collective spiritual subconsciousness form of all universal wide human spirit forms.


Each of these human spirit forms, in their individual evolutionary existence, comes under a continuous rebirth to the point where they enter into the highest pure spiritual plane of Petale. From this plane they become one with Creation itself. They merge with Creation and by doing so also become conscious of its own existence whereby this however occurs in the way of the being aware of oneself as universal consciousness. Therefore, an individual spirit form exists without an ego-consciousness, but has instead only an impulse-awareness consciousness and evolution consciousness, without being aware of its own existence or a conscious creativity.


But each spirit form nevertheless exhibits its own special uniqueness in development as well as in the overall knowledge, in love and in wisdom. Wherefore significant differences appear which are distinct in each individual sprit form. To make this form of appearance better understandable one can speak of a spirit-individuality without ego-consciousness, whereby however it must be clear that no ego-structure and thus no personality structure exists which the spirit form, respectively the spirit could call its own, since it is unconscious of its own existence  and it only consist of pure creational energy which charges like a battery with other energy and pass this on in an useful way to the material consciousness as well to Creation itself. But however different to a material battery, the energies of the spirit, respectively the spirit form do not get lost, consequently it does not get depleted, but it constantly recharge itself in an endless sequence, and it constantly expands.


Also a material battery is not aware of its existence. It receives new energies from an aggregate and thereby becomes fully charged. In a relative similar way can this be understood with the Spirit/ the spirit form, which senses impulses (energies) from the area of the material consciousness, which it absorbs and converts into own energy and store it for then to partly release them in an evolutionary higher form, without by doing so depleting itself. This as opposed to what is the case with a battery in the pure material domain, which gives off and depletes its energy and again must be recharged.


The spirit creation-battery on the other hand accumulate independently its old and always new energies coming along, consequently these steadily multiply and increase in power and mass and in fact in an endless sequence until the point when the spirit/the spirit form merge with Creation and itself becomes an iota of the Universal consciousness.


When the rebirth cycle of the spirit form in a human body has ended, it transforms itself into a higher and immaterial sphere. The first consequence, when the spirit form no longer needs the human body, is that it changes to half-spirit form, respectively half-pure-spirit form, which equals a wobbly and intangible form. After 50-80 billion years in this state follows the next change, which leads into Arahat Athersata, whereby the former human-creational spirit form changes into the first phase of the pure spirit form.


After this follows the development and change into constantly higher levels and pure-spirit forms, until the level of Petale has been reached, after which the merging with Creation itself follows. During the whole process of constantly evolving higher, is the egoless spirit-individual state maintained and therefore are also the specific qualities and characteristics of the spirit form not being lost. If the spirit leave the domain of the human body for good in order to change to pure spirit form, yet at first to half-pure-spirit form, then with this, will also the rebirth cycle be finished, since it no longer is relevant in the higher spiritual levels, because after each respective evolutionary change of the pure spirit form, in a yet higher form, no rebirth any longer take place, but just a direct transmission to the next higher level.


In this form cumulate and evolve the spirit form the creational conditional origins,  of which Creation itself as well as the spirit forms created by it consists of in the purest spiritual energy, as well as everything else existing also when it is in its form and existence is different in nature. In one form it is called coarse-matter, in the other form it is fine-matter, spirit matter or Creation-matter. All matter however, including fine and fine type matter as well as the coarse matter consist in their origin, in their consistence as well as in their existence of pure energy, which wholly and solely find its primal source in the spiritual power of Creation and its laws. 


All matter consist of energy, in which humans also are included, as well as all animals and plant like forms, sand and stone, water and metals and everything existing of all kind. The knowledge of this fact is ancient and not an achievement of the modern age, whereas Albert Einstein has re-established this knowledge and understanding in this respect. Thus he has not discovered anything new, but something which has been known since ancient times, which again became recognized and distributed as knowledge for study.


This fact has resulted in a sweeping revolution of the terrestrial human’s scientific conception of the world and prompted other scientists to further undertake research in the area of matter-energy. Thus at a later time some scientist involved in the area of quantum mechanics were successful in experimentally reproducing to prove what Einstein had re-established. In yet later time it was proven by recent experiments that what was until then anticipated as being the smallest form of matter, the elementary particles, behave concurrently as energy and matter, consequently they epitomize a link between matter and energy. In fact the elementary particles does not represent the smallest form of matter, because there still exist further important sublevels in this regard, which nevertheless over time will first have to be discovered and proven by the scientists, and especially those forms which are no longer pure coarse matter, but which already belong within the fine matter realm.


The elementary particles are interconnected through an energy field, while a creational-natural law dependent fundamental organisational principle controls the organisation of the elementary particles and create and form the coarse matter materials which are well known to humans. This fundamental organisational principle is one of the creational law based forces by which the material universe domain has been created, the material belt, in which all coarse matter finds its existence, including humans and all other kind of life forms.  This principle of arrangement, which was created by the Creation idea, has played a determinative role responsible for that everything in the material part of the universe has its correctness; consequently all material form events throughout the Universe are being controlled by this principle. In this is also the behaviour of humans included and all other life forms and existences of all sorts


Through this fundamental organisational principle is thus the coming into being and passing away of all things determined, as well as reincarnation of the human spirit form, in which the reincarnation of all instinct-spirit forms is anchored in the same principle, which means that also the spirit form in life forms living with an instinct-spirit form likewise undergo reincarnation. The fundamental and creational law based organisational principle, the development from the effects which come about from reasons occurring. Whenever the reasons may be formed, they also bring a specific effect in a logical and thus consistent form. And all this was preconceived by the creation idea of Creation, through the universal consciousness which itself is conscious of its own existence as well as its own evolution and ability to create.


And since humans, with their material consciousness enlivened through a part creation spirit inside them, according to a law of Creation in this regard, are conscious of themselves, as well as their ability to independently evolve and create, and by this constitute a further evolutions possibility for the Creation itself, is therefore Creation aligned and is able to influence power of its consciousness in the creational law based principle of arrangement. In this regard have humans been given free rein and their own free will to decide for themselves. And that this really is the case and corresponds with creational law, proves alone the free thinking, feeling and actions of humans, and indeed in every respect and no matter if something or everything is negative or positive.


And that this indeed is the case could also be proven by way of quantum engineering, because in laboratory test could scientists verify that the quantum engineering test results, respectively the elementary particle test results were influenced purely by the fact that the scientists were observing their experiments. The reason for this influence of the test results can without doubt be found in the conscious related emitted electromagnetic energy by the scientist, created by them through their expectations. So responsible for the outcome of this kind of experiments were and are therefore the conscious related electromagnetic energies, respectively oscillations from the scientist.


The insights gained through the experiments very significantly revolutionized the understanding of physics in the 20th century. Until the mentioned insight in the quantum technologies, each scientific experiment was only deemed properly valid and proven when an experiment of any type had been repeated often enough and had constantly brought the same result(s) each time. Henceforth, a fundamental change of view in this regard had to take place, which nevertheless unfortunately has not been possible to implement everywhere and by all scientists, at least not by 2002, because too many research scientists of all kind, and some of them are natural scientists, often does not admit to new findings and success but in their short-sightedness and narrow-mindedness they prefer to hold on to the old, also when this has become long obsolete and it can be proven that that it is incorrect or incomplete.     


Unfortunately, it will stay like that for a long time. Simply as long as there are narrow minded and self-opinionated scientists, which is nevertheless not intended to mean that all scientists are of this discreditable type writes Billy further. But unfortunately there are too many scientists who dispute, ignore, or to the extent distort the findings from the quantum technology experiments so that these again fit into the traditional scientific knowledge or pseudo knowledge, whereby true progress in this specific field becomes severely hampered or even totally obstructed.  But since time immortal this belong to the commonplace as the history of Earth humankind shows, thus consequently in this regard this can be said to be something which is not unusual. Quite the opposite, when the annals of human history are read through, then it quickly emerges that humans on Earth, and the scientists in particular, are late bloomers and quite often duds, as how can it be that since ancient times it has always lasted several decades or even several centuries – something which also now is the case – before is possible to implement new knowledge as well as a new understanding and any type of innovations on Earth and among people on Earth, writes Billy further.


The findings of the quantum mechanics experiments are, and have from the beginning, been phenomenal and even spectacular when one for example acknowledge the fact that the quantum mechanics experiments brought quite  amazing results, and in fact depending on how large the number of the scientist taking part in the experiment, respective test, was and the certain expectations they had. From this it also turned out that it was, respectively is, something like a critical mass in regards to the number of scientists and others being present by which the test result consistently showed, respectively shows, the same result. When this critical mass has been reached, then the phenomenon came to light, that in the continuation of the experiment, no different results at all any longer appeared, and in fact it did not matter if one or two scientists or other observers focused their expectation on another outcome. This critical mass, in which the participating scientists or others in a quantum mechanics experiment adopted an expectation, thus makes it clear how other people have to view a quantum mechanics experiment.


It clearly demonstrates, according to Billy, that the creational-law based fundamental universal principle of arrangement can be influenced and formed by the electromagnetic energies of the human consciousness.  Inevitably, from this result the effectiveness and realization that humans, through the electromagnetic forces of their conciseness, are able to influence the law based principles of Creation and therefore also all occurrences in the universe and in nature etc. and steer these according to their own will and their own discretion.


That however does not mean that humans stand above Creation and its law and commandments, quite the opposite, because humans are inextricably linked together with Creation and arranged within it, yet humans are able, according to their own will and discretion, to make use of it and to form it, and in fact in every form and manner that the creational laws and commandments allow for this to happen.  Thus it also means that humans by themselves and within themselves, as well as all over their entire world and wherever in space they can get to, are able to achieve changes which are great and can affect humankind if they just comply with the creational-natural laws and commandments.  But that means for humans, individually and collectively, to turn to the creational-natural law and commandments and the true teaching of the spirit with all its knowledge in a useful way and by this build a critical mass through which they manage and bring under control the forces of life and the Universe. Only by this are humans able to jointly influence and steer the future history of terrestrial mankind and thereby move towards new and high evolutionary shores.


Since a rebirth of the personality, according to the creational principles, can be ruled out, the question naturally becomes as to how then all the evolutionary acquired knowledge, love, enjoyment, freedom, harmony, tranquillity and wisdom etc. are useful and still can be transferred over to the next life, so that everything still can progress. For this purpose there are two fundamental factors which needs to be considered, firstly the human spirit form which impulse wise adopts  and memorize the sensed values of neutral-positive love, knowledge- and wisdom and in this way evolve, for then to preserve everything within itself, for all time, as a love, knowledge-and wisdom block. With that, the spirit form grows the values of love, knowledge and wisdom. These values are no longer lost but taken along at every rebirth into the next stage of its life cycle, into a new human body, where it develop further and evolve higher by anew sensing and absorbing the neutral-positive type impulses of love-, knowledge- and wisdom.


Thus all the knowledge as well as love and wisdom which is collected and evolutionary acquired by the spirit form does not expire but is kept for all times, and through rebirth it evolves further and is taken along and cumulated in every stage of its life cycle. The values of love, knowledge and wisdom etc. are in principle not created in the spirit form itself but originate in a casual way through the material consciousness from which it enters the realm of the spirit form via the sub consciousness and central consciousness. The spirit form processes it in an evolutionary way and cumulate the perceived values from the material consciousness area in a very high force which surpass everything which is of the material consciousness, whereby the consciousness to a certain extent can use these forces of the spirit, respectively these forces of the spirit form, when humans have evolved to such an extent that they have found and recognized the way of how to utilize the spiritual forces.


This is however not possible for humans of today to do in a conscious way due to the lowliness of the human conscious related development. Consequently the way of conscious utilization of the spiritual forces will still remain hidden to them. But humans nevertheless unconsciously use the forces of their spirit, respectively their spirit form, because in every case is the material consciousness of humans enlivened and upheld in its existence as well as in its function by the power of the spirit. And since the forces of the spirit influence the material consciousness, it also becomes possible that it develops separate oscillation based forces of a fine matter electromagnetic type through which it becomes possible to influence, control and command material of coarse as well as fine matter and thereby also coarse and fine matter type energies.


In this way, is for example the possibility given for telekinesis and teleportation etc. And these powers of the consciousness, which only find their origin through the presence of the forces of the spirit, yet made useful by the conscious or unconscious thoughts and feelings of the humans directed towards it, is what ultimately is able to set all matter in motion, no matter in what way that may be. But these forces of the consciousness, which humans themselves develops in their immediate life, even with the help and utilisation of the spiritual forces, again expire with the death of the material human body and must anew be developed by the new personality to follow, since no rebirth take place of  the consciousness, the ego, because by death the personality, respectively the consciousness, the I,  ceases to be, while the spirit form, respectively the spirit, survives the death, retain its form and energy and becomes reborn.     


The fact in regards to the dying of the ego, the consciousness, respectively the personality of humans now raise the question: “How is love, knowledge and wisdom etc. preserved since the Ego, the consciousness, respectively the personality in the comprehensive consciousness block dissolves, when this enters into its designated  domain in the beyond, for there to continue processing all what remain unprocessed, for then to a create a new ego, a new consciousness, respectively a new personality in itself?” “And how is it that the human, respectively the new personality, the new ego, after the birth likewise can make use of everything previous processed of knowledge, as well as love and wisdom and all other values of the previous personalities?”


The answer to this cannot be found in the rebirth of the spirit form, but in the existence of the memory banks, which consist of fine matter energy and form a specific plane, in which everything that personify a human is stored in the way of impulses, meaning all thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions; all stirrings and movements, every word a human think of or speak, all ideas and habits and everything that constitutes a human. Thus also all characteristics, vices and otherwise everything else which in any way is related to humans, thus also wishes and desires, interests, abilities and performance possibilities etc. And all this is likewise stored in the memory bank in the way of impulses as well as the voice and its accent and nuances, the entire memory, the love, harmony, the tranquillity, joy and wisdom etc. Thus there is nothing left out which is not being stored.


The recordings in the memory banks follows a specific frequency which each human create during his/her thinking, feeling and acting etc., consequently the memorized impulses can only again be retrieved on this relevant frequency. Thus the result of this is that when a personality dies, which has stored corresponding impulses to the memory banks, then the newly created personality in the comprehensive consciousness block, when it by birth has entered into the immediate life, conscious or unconscious intuition wise etc. can take ownership of all what has been stored in the memory banks, when it generates the corresponding frequency on which everything has been memorized. That can naturally also benefit other egos, respectively consciousness forms, respectively personalities when they are capable of generating the same frequencies and likewise reach what has been stored.


Thus, in this way it becomes possible that for example abilities/skills etc. of a previous personality can again be conscious or unconsciously “retrieved” and harnessed by a new personality, something which is also possible for personalities, respectively egos who are not related in a conversion link to own lineage, but which in fact frequency wise come on to the same level and can benefit from what has been stored, memorized.


A rebirth for the human material form in an animal body as well as for the ego, respectively the I, the consciousness, the personality in material form is impossible, as is rebirth of the human spirit form in an animal body. It is also impossible. But related to this statement, the following can be added: Between Human and animals there exists a gulf which is impossible to cross, both in regards to the entire anatomy, as well as in regards to the intellectual nature; but on the other hand also in regards to the consciousness form which in humans is of a self-recognizing and conscious form, but which in animals only appear in the form of an instinct-consciousness.


The human self-recognizing conscious form of consciousness is capable of rational and logical thinking, feeling and acting and is therefore also creative whereby, in every respect, a conscious creativity is taking place, through which also the psyche, respectively the conditions of the psyche, can be formed in a conscious way. Whereas the non-human, the instinct-consciousness unique to animals, has none of the mentioned innate human values of being aware, but this type of consciousness form is only steered through instinctive impulses. Thus for a life form which has an instinct-consciousness, it is not possible to create feelings and actions through effective thinking. Consequently the animal psyche becomes formed and influenced through other factors, as well as the instinct-feelings, which spontaneously develop through internal and external influence. This in comparison with the psyche of humans, which becomes influenced and formed through their thoughts and feelings, whereby also internal and external influence are determent factors as well.


As already explained, neither can a human spirit form nor can a human personality, respectively an ego, be born in an animal body, as well cannot an animal spirit form, respectively an instinct-spirit form, be born in a human body. Both bodies, as well as both types of spirit, meaning the human body and the animal body, as well as the spirit of humans, respectively the human spirit form and the spirit of animals, respectively the animal spirit form, the instinct-spirit form, also referred to as an instinct-consciousness, belong to two different realms, thus in the human realm and the animal realm. And when it is here referred to that animals have an instinct consciousness, then this consciousness is not capable of evolving in a conscious way, or being self-aware, but it is an instinct based consciousness of self-preservation, not capable of creating any conscious evolutionary or creative powers. Already this in itself forms an insurmountable barrier where an instinct-spirit form of an animal can never enliven or become rebirthed in a human body. And for the same reason can never a human spirit form be rebirthed in an animal body.


So an insurmountable barrier exists in this respect which prevents a rebirth transit, respectively crossover, to a different life form. And by the same token humans have no entity relationship to animals and animals are not drawn towards humans. For the instinct spirit form of animals, which are not conscious of their existence and thus in this respect represent a less developed life form, it is impossible to be able to enter and settle in a human body, because the sphere of residence of the human spirit form is as consequence taboo for a pure animal instinct-spirit form, since it is very much higher in nature than the sphere of residence of the animal spirit form.


Human spirit residence and animal-instinct spirit residence are creational-natural law based to such extent different that only a certain creational-spiritual energy form can exist in it. And since already the energy of a human spirit and the energy of an animal spirit are entirely different in their form as well as in their effect and in all conscious and unconscious as well as instinct and impulse related potentiality, it would be a trespass against the creational-natural law of the absolute and fundamental creational principle of arrangement, if the human and animal spirit forms could mutually share their bodies.


In the same way as oranges cannot grow on fir trees and cones cannot grow on orange trees, can human spirit forms not be reborn in animal bodies and the animal spirit forms cannot be reborn in human bodies. Thus every single human spirit form chooses a human body for rebirth while every animal instinct based spirit form turn towards an suitable animal body. For the human spirit form it is only one bodily vehicle and for the animal spirit form there is only one animal-body, since every form is pulled nowhere else but only to where the specific sprit energetic plane exists that it is attuned to. 


Like humans select the place where they live and stay by their own deliberate choice, so does also the sprit form decide its seat in the human body, contingent upon the creational law of equality through which only equally valuable things, forces and energies of the same category can join together, respectively fit into each other and both in terms of the positive as well as negative, which in terms of a 100 per cent value hold a neutral form. Humans and animals however, are in no way of similar type, neither in the spirit form nor in material terms, hence in this respect not an equal form. And since the equal form is missing because the spirit forms are already in their energy form entirely different, either being aware of its existence and evolutionary-creative, or just instinct-conscious and  impulse based, can thus no switch-over take place in rebirth between the different type of bodies, meaning the human form and the animal form.


The entity of the spirit form does not shift or transfer from one state to another. It always remains in a same state condition which corresponds to its spiritual-creational energy, where the type is determined whether it belongs to a human or an animal form. Even through death and rebirth is the state of the spirit form unchanged and it always remains the same, apart from the evolutionary factor and the cumulative value. 


Thus the spirit form remains unchanged in its energetic structure, no matter if it is currently located in a physical body or if it is located in the beyond.  Hence, a change in the structural state of the spirit form never take place, not in the human nor in the animal spirit form, no matter if it is presently located in this world or in the beyond. The cross over from one plane to another, meaning from the material to the immaterial plane, therefore involve no structural change of the spirit form, respectively the spirit. Also, in this process, does no change at all occur due to errors, a crime or guilt the human throughout his life has committed or incurred.


That is to say, It is absolutely a malevolent false doctrine that humans would have to “suffer” in their next life for their wrong doings and wrong way of living in previous lives as karma take effect, suggesting that the deeds, the conduct and the burdens etc. of the former lives would impact the new life. That does not happen in reality, because a rebirth of the old personality, respectively the old Ego, does not take place, but instead an entirely new personality is formed anew by the comprehensive consciousness block in its area in the beyond. 


Also, humans are responsible in their current life for all the mistakes which they make during their lifetime, namely by realizing the mistakes and rectifying them. Same goes for any guilt which humans have incurred during their lifetime. It would be absurd and contrary to creational law if through a karma humans, in their new personality in the next life, would practically have to pay for all what they have done in their old personality. And ultimately humans have to make mistakes, that is determined through a corresponding creational law, because only through making mistakes are humans able to learn, become knowing, loving, peaceful, happy, well-balanced, harmoniously and wise.


Thus it would be a creational absurdity if rectified mistakes and guilt would not be <wiped out> in the current life, but instead were to be carried forward to the next new personality, in the next life after the rebirth of the spirit form in a new body. And that this is just not happening is a given for humans in every life,  that the mistakes they have committed and the guilt which they have incurred are totally eliminated, and by the rebirth of the spirit form and together with a new personality can start a new life completely unburdened.


And if, for whatever reasons, any guilt or mistakes in current life are not rectified, then these will still not be carried forward by the rebirth of the spirit form and by the new personality in the next life, because after the death of the physical human body the comprehensive consciousness block enters into an area in the beyond assigned for it, and there it completely tackle and process everything still unprocessed. After that the old personality expires and it has then done its evolutionary obligation, thus no mistake or guilt remains, which could be born with the new personality or taken along from the old personality.   



Reincarnation of the spirit form and incarnation of the new personality  


The teaching and the reality of rebirth completely rule out a rebirth of the old personality and the body in the form of becoming-flesh-again respectively a re-embodiment, as already mentioned several times and for which the main reasons were stated. The teaching of destiny of the material being, and both with regards to the body as well as the ego, the consciousness, respectively the personality is that it completely vanishes through death, whereby only the spirit, respectively the spirit form and the comprehensive consciousness block survive the death of the body and cross over to the planes in the beyond assigned to them.


Thus the material consciousness centre of humans has no durability and cannot be reborn, respectively cannot reincarnate. Rebirth means that something, like the spirit, respectively the spirit form, will be reborn in the same form and with the same energy as it existed in prior to death of the physical body, whereby however it is given an upward development, through which however the nature of its form and energy cannot change. Only a change from one plane into another occur by the rebirth of the spirit, namely from this world into the beyond, and through the rebirth, from the beyond into this world.


In any case however, can the spirit entity only come under this change and be reborn as the same spiritual energy form it had during its existence in the previous lifetime, in a physical body. And since the spirit form remain consistent in consistence and energy for all great times gone by and to come, in the physical bodies of humans, in this world – or other life forms, in the case of other and different non-human natured spirit forms – as well as in the area in the beyond, so can also no re-embodiment / becoming-flesh-again take place, but only a change from one plane into another, something which cannot be emphasised often enough. 


Unlike the physical body which dies and decays when the physical life is over, the spirit will remain forever lasting.  It was also already existent long before a body came into being, which it for the first time enlivened and <occupied>.  And it will therefore remain existent for all great times, after all its former bodies it enlivened for all times have passed. The spirit form in its evolution consciousness, which in no way exist as an ego-consciousness, but only as an evolution learn-consciousness, never take on different ego’s- respectively consciousness forms, but remains in its own form through its upward development.      


Nor does it create any other ego-forms within itself or any other <ego-souls> for own self-expression, so that these would flow out of it like certain false doctrines propagate. The spirit form has indeed, in its existence, its own sum of qualities and characteristics but no conscious ego in regard to its own existence.  Thus every spirit form has its own characteristics which render it unique, which however is in no way is ego- respectively personality oriented, but is exclusively an evolution-consciousness. This remains permanently in force, and indeed in the domain of this world as well as in the realm of the beyond. 


Thus, there is no need for the spirit form, after its existence in the physical body, to withdraw for a rest period in the realm of the beyond in order to preserve or refresh its characteristics, because neither for this or any other purpose is this necessary.  And the spirit form do certainly not need a rest period in the realm of the beyond, because the spirit, respectively the spirit form is always awake and always active like the Creation-spirit, respectively the Creation, the Universal Consciousness.


The human spirit, respectively the human spirit form therefore uses its time in the area of the beyond to further learn and to further advance its relative perfection, as is also a characteristic in Creation itself, when it is in the period of slumber.  Thus death only means another learn- and evolution rich period in the beyond for the spirit form, during which everything of value which it has sensed and stored, coming from the human consciousness/subconsciousness during its existence in the physical human body, finally becomes processed to love, knowledge, peace, balance, harmony and wisdom etc.


If this process has been completed, then – in the normal case – is the spirit form again capable of being reborn, consequently it can position itself for a new change into the plane of the physical body, in its aeons long cyclical rebirth process. And what the spirit form, the spirit of a human, on its long rebirth journey through constantly new personalities in human bodies, senses, learns, experiences and stores within itself, is in the infinite far-reaching totality simply summarized in the concept evolution. This includes everything that a human, with its consciousness, perceives, recognizes, takes note of, creates knowledge from, experiences and go through which becomes wisdom, but only in neutral-positive evolutionary values.  


This is what teaching of the spirit, the spiritual teachings, has taught since ancient times but whose truth was already made into secret teachings, by unscrupulous people during the era of the old times and therefore only became known and accessible to insiders, while those uninitiated were punished, often with death, when they somehow found their way to the secret knowledge. Thus the truth of the spiritual teaching, its knowledge and wisdom, only became taught secretly and privily, but all too often in a falsified way and in manner of a false doctrine. 


The reason for this, that the true knowledge of the spiritual teaching was not revealed and made known in public works, but instead found its entrance into sciences only in a hidden and secret way, was that people were kept suppressed and ignorant so that they could not find out the truth, which could make them become rebellious. The sciences were a privilege granted priests, philosophers and aristocrats etc. who naturally had no interest for people to become educated and knowing in the spiritual teachings.


Life, the existence of the spirit, the spirit form of humans is an unending progress which never will come to an end, reach a finish or be completed. For the spirit, the spirit form there is never stagnation and no place, no sphere where, and no state in which, a final exhaustion of its evolution would happen. Therefore, this applies in the state of learning and progress, as well as in the plane of existence in the physical body, as well as in the area in the beyond, throughout the entire aeon long rebirth cycle, but also throughout the vast periods of time in the countless pure-spiritual-planes, as well as after the merging with Creation itself, thus after the unification with the Universal Consciousness.


That is to say Creation, the Universal Consciousness is itself included in a never-ending evolution and in this form it has to go through 10^49 different creation-structures before it merges with the Absolute Absolute.  But even at this stage its evolution do not cease, but continues indefinitely through to the merger with the Ur-Absolute, which in turn advance to the Central-Absolute which it will have to merge with. After this stage follow an evolution to the Creation-Absolute as well as the merger with it. Even then evolution continues to the Super-Absolute with which in turn a merger follows, and then a further development to the SOHAR-Absolute where once again a merger takes place. The evolution of the SOHAR-Absolute is leading into the very highest creation form, namely the BEING-Absolute and a merging with it. 



The Universe according to Semjase

In contact 143 on the 22’nd of March 1981, Billy Meier gave Semjase a pen and paper by which she drew a schematic drawing of the Universe and explained the function of each belt. At this point, the Universe has been expanding for 46,5 trillion years.  The Creational Power unstoppably creates new spirit energy-accumulations  in endless numbers by its own energy  And this process will first end at the time when 155,5 trillion years has passed, after its own creation, at which point the contraction of itself, respectively the Universal Consciousness, respectively the Universe begins. The central core is like an enormous and never ceasing self-charging accumulator bloc. It exhibits an unmeasurable magnetic energy, which binds the existing universe to itself and prevents a too large expansion of the Universe. This force ensured that from the beginning of the expansion, 46,5 trillion years ago, the expansion speed of 147 times the speed of light began decreasing.  It has been slowly falling since. And this force ensures the expansion speed will continue to fall until the expansion, after 155,520 trillion years comes to a standstill, hence the return, or contraction of the Universe will start.



The BEING-Absolute, as the Source of all Being, created itself as primordial energy out from the form of the Absolute BEINGlessness, set before the endless duration and the infinite nothingness. But even the BEING-Absolute is included in the evolution to infinity, and consequently this also includes the onetime human-creational spirit form in it, which itself, by constantly evolving through all the forms of creations, became part of them, as a tiny iota developing further into all infinity. Thereby the BEING-Absolute grows endlessly and becomes increasingly mighty in love, in knowledge and in wisdom as well as in energy power and force. In this way it is expanding endlessly into the endless duration of the infinite nothingness.


Even the very existence of the instinct-spirit form is destined for evolution, but this is of an entirely different nature to the spirit form of humans, which develops in a conscious form and thereby becomes more knowledgeable and wiser. And like the creative-human spirit form always remains as such until it no longer requires a human body and becomes a pure-spirit form, the animal spirit form also always remain as such. Also the animal spirit form does in no way change its form and it always remains the same, consequently it never alternates to another genus or species. That means that for example the spirit form of a horse always becomes reborn in a horse body only, but never in another animal body. This is creational law based given in this way for all animal forms and other life forms of all genera and species.


So each spirit form can therefore only be reborn in a specific body, deemed appropriate for it, depending on its nature and type. And as mentioned, the animal-spirit form is also arranged into a specific course of evolution, which however for the animal self is of an unconscious nature, and only correlates to an instinct-impulse-evolution. It therefore means that only an evolution of the instinct and desires take place in an unconscious form, developing to a higher level in the form of adapting to environmental conditions, of a character which are both planetary and nature based as well as shaped for co-existence. 


By this development and change, respectively higher development which likewise is creational law based, also result in a higher development of the animal body, just like evolution also result in a higher development of the human body. But as with humans, the same laws of rebirth and reincarnation also apply to animals and all other life forms. Meaning same creational law apply in every case and to every life form, regardless of genus and species, which is based on that only the spirit form, respectively the tiny part of creational spirit which enlivens a life form, can lead a new existence in this world by being reborn in a new body.


This possibility does not exist, nor for humans or for animals, or similar life forms, that after the body has died, thus after death, nothing else than the pure spirit form can be reborn, therefore then no ego, respectively consciousness in the form of an ego-consciousness. It is therefore also impossible that any pure coarse material factor of the dead body can be destined for reincarnation, because a re-embodiment, respectively again-becoming-flesh of anything material of the deceased body is in any case impossible in both humans and in animals and in any other different life form as well.


In order to clarify things further, one can speak of an instinct-impulse-consciousness of animals which comes under an instinct-impulse-consciousness block, which has a similar evolution-path as the collective consciousness block of humans. The instinct-impulse-consciousness block however, in the way of consciousness is solely oriented towards instinct and drive, and that only in an unconscious form. That is easy to explain, in that in front of every consciousness form, no matter what type, be it human or animal etc., is a un-consciousness-form through which everything is unconsciously absorbed which cannot reach into the consciousness. And since the instinct-impulse-spirit form of animals has no ego-consciousness, which could consciously process the unconscious impulses, then these will also remain unconscious in the instinct-impulse-consciousness, including in regards to when the animal, in unconscious form establish a connection to the memory banks, from which its behavioural impulses come from. In addition to that comes what is related to impulses and instincts in animals, which they unconsciously learn in their current life, like for example through the unconscious adaptation of any actions and behaviour of the mother or fellow species etc. or through special training by humans, which in any case must be termed as <learning>.


With regard to retrieving impulses from the memory banks, the teaching of the spirit then teaches that for this purpose exist in humans both the conscious as well as the unconscious form, namely always solely through the corresponding frequency which must be generated by humans consciously or unconsciously, in order to get into the certain planes of the memory banks and thus to the stored knowledge, as well as the stored love, harmony, wisdom and abilities. But with regard to animals and other non-human life forms, the matter behaves in the way that they, due to their lack of an conscious ego-consciousness, which also can be described as an non-ego-consciousness, maintain an ongoing unconscious instinct and impulse related connection to the memory banks, whereby they continuously are hit by memory bank-impulses and receive the information which is necessary for them.


Indeed, also humans are continuously connected to their memory banks and from there they constantly obtain necessary impulses. However, in humans it is especially inherent and pre-existing, as a higher evolutionary-member of Creation in addition to consciously or unconsciously being able to decide for themselves, which specific stored impulses should be retrieved and utilised from the memory banks. This is a factor, which does not pre-exist in animals or any other non-human life forms, whereby humans, in the evolutionary course of Creation and together with it, occupy a special position among all the other life forms and justifiably assume that they are the <Crown of Creation>.


With regard to incarnation, <to enter into flesh> one can only speak of the always new personality of humans as well as of the new instinct-impulse-consciousness of animals, since it does not involve a pure spiritual form, but one which is half material in nature. Thus when the new ego-consciousness of humans, respectively the new personality, or the new instinct-impulse-consciousness of animals together with the spirit form belonging to it, move into the physical body, it can be spoken of as birth, which one refer to as incarnation, respectively as <to enter into flesh>. Every personality and every instinct-impulse-consciousness form is only being born once and then stores itself for all times in the memory banks, whereas only the spirit form itself remain unchanged in nature and in consciousness and thus maintain its form and unstoppably develops further, namely as a creator-spiritual being with its own character and indivisible from the over-all energy block of Creation.


Also in regards to the concept incarnation, this is unfortunately predominated by an old age misinterpretation of what the word itself, incarnation, stands for. The original and effective meaning of the word is <to enter into flesh>, which in particular relate to the always newly forming personality, respectively the new ego-consciousness in the comprehensive consciousness block, when it through reincarnation, respectively rebirth of the spirit form, together with it, starts to lead a one-time existence in a new physical-human body for the duration of a current life time on this side.


Although the old wise and knowledgeable recognized the teaching of incarnation, respectively the teaching of the to-enter-into-flesh in its full reality and taught it as being incarnation of the ego-consciousness respectively as <the enter into flesh of the ego-consciousness >, yet the concept became soon falsified, whereby incarnation was interpreted, and to this day maintained as becoming flesh and becoming human. In particular does this relate to the false teaching of Christ becoming human, but it also is reflected in different mythologies and religions. Nevertheless, the teaching of the spirit does not know of these falsifications and teaches the fact that with the concept of incarnation, it is about an enter-into-flesh of the newly built personality, respectively the new ego-consciousness, through the comprehensive consciousness block. Thus, it is about the new consciousness form which by the rebirth, respectively reincarnation of the spirit form, together with it, enter into a newly conceived and growing up human body, for in this to live the current life.


The deep meaning of the rebirth teaching is that the spiritual being, the spirit form, respectively the spirit, through aeons appears time and again and evolve by being reborn in human-physical bodies, by sensing educational impulses of knowledge, love and wisdom from the realm of the material consciousness, stores these impulses within itself and learns from them as already previously mentioned. Thus, the evolving being then learns and grows inside the physical covering of the human, whereby this covering, the human body, again passes and do not become reborn, when the spirit form and the comprehensive consciousness block enter their realm in the beyond.


But so that these again can to enter into a human-physical body, so that the personality can be born and as well as the spirit form be reborn, must first a new human-physical body, respectively an offspring be sired by human parents in a physical way through sexual intercourse, or through an artificial insemination. Hence, in this way is the spiritual being, the spirit form of humans, able to exist and learn in the material human realm. As a rule with that is, that from rebirth to rebirth, a huge progress for the spirit form takes place. Which however in proportion to the endlessly large number of rebirth-lifetimes is very little or little-noticed, respectively recognized by humans. Only when huge differences on a large scale appear, is the progress normally recognized, like for example by certain abilities or by the competence of a genius etc.


Naturally does the physical body of humans also evolve, but also here are the changes normally not, or just barely recognizable. But in any case, it happens the way, that the spirit, respectively the spirit form enters a human-physical body by every rebirth, in which the more noble lessons of love, knowledge and wisdom can be learnt, as this was also earlier the case in the old and deceased bodies in the previous lives.


The teaching of the spirit teaches that not only the spirit form evolve but also the physical body. Consequently it changes in the course of time and remains in step with the spirit form. That does not mean however, that the human-physical, respectively the material body is <spiritualized>. Because when it keeps in step with the spirit form, it means that the material consciousness form, respectively the personality, the ego-consciousness, which is the bodily factor, which evolve with the spirit form, after the old personality is discarded with every stay of the comprehensive consciousness block in the beyond, a new and more developed personality is created, so that this can accompany in lockstep with the likewise more developed spirit form. Thus the body-evolution does not actually refer to the physical body, but to the body-related material consciousness, respectively to the personality.


So while the spirit form advance in its spiritual consciousness and develops in its own spiritual self-consciousness as well as in its characteristics, peculiarities, character and particularities, so too develop the material body in form of the material consciousness, respectively the personality, in which the spiritual being, the spirit form finds its place. Naturally, with regard to the evolution of the human body it is actually a given that it keep changing and adapt to everything, in particular to fit into the conditions of nature and the environmental influences. But this evolution is not equivalent to the evolution of the human spirit and thus also not to the evolution of the human material consciousness, the ego-consciousness, the personality. These evolutionary changes are in fact of completely different nature and do not go directly along with the spirit form-development, but has a great deal more to do with the needs of humans, which they with regard to nature and the environment as well as way of life, must care for in order to continue to exist.


The primary evolution fire inside humans is in fact the striving of the spirit form towards the highest possible relative perfection of itself by each rebirth in a material human body. Because also urge-impulses penetrate from the spiritual being, respectively from the spirit form, out from it and into the material human consciousness so that this then independently learns, develops and comply with the creational-law based predetermined evolution, whereby the spirit form gain all sorts of necessary knowledge, as well as love and wisdom it needs in order to comply with its purpose of achieving higher evolution. 


When the spirit form, together with the comprehensive consciousness block, again enter a human body of flesh, namely on the 21st day after conception of the new body, resp. offspring, then the bonding of the spirit form with the material consciousness also takes place. The material consciousness is then enlivened by the spirit energy of the spirit form.  As a result, the personality of humans, resp. the ego-consciousness, which creates and forms the individual earthly destiny of humans, becomes consciousness-conscious, resp. personality-conscious through the spirit-energetic enlivenment of the material consciousness.


As a result, a continuation follow from the point where the acquirement of knowledge, love and wisdom, as well as the evolution in the previous life in this world ended, namely at the level of the relative highest possible development. That, on one hand relates to the spirit form itself, and on the other hand to the old consciousness, respectively the old personality, which once again passed away through death. It is thus a given that by the reincarnation of the spirit form, and thus by the again-enter-into-flesh of the spirit form, and this only together with the comprehensive consciousness block and the newly created personality in it, that an evolution progress can take place, which always commences where it ended in the previous life through death.


And it should be mentioned one more time that by reincarnation, respectively through the again-enter-into-flesh of the spirit form, in effect a rebirth takes place, since the spirit form,  when it has escaped from the human body, and lingers for a certain time in the beyond, again becomes born by again-enter-into-flesh, while the new personality, respectively the new material ego-consciousness form, created by the comprehensive consciousness block, enters into a new birth and thus also <enter-into-flesh>. Erroneously is the concept reincarnation and the concept rebirth misunderstood, even though they both are connected to each other, but are not identical in value, which is also evident from the previous as well as earlier explanations. But both concepts are related, because on one side is the spirit form in fact reborn, and on the other side < it-enters-again-into-flesh>, thus only into a physical human body, or when it involves an animal spirit form, only into an animal body.


The basic misunderstandings in regards to both the concepts in general arise from the word reincarnation, because herein is first and foremost only the rebirth, respectively re-embodiment, respectively again-becoming-flesh of the material human – or animal – bodies understood based on old false teaching of which the source no longer can be traced, at least not for people who are ordinary and clueless in matters of spiritual and secret teachings. With respect to the so-called <initiated> and esoteric as well as researchers into the occult etc. Is another interpretation applicable, namely that reincarnation only means rebirth of the spirit form in a material human body. But this is however only in the case when the   <initiated> and esoteric as well as researchers into the occult etc. think and maintain knowledge in terms of the real teaching of the truth of the creational laws. Because, unfortunately also in these circles are false teachings dominant, and especially in respect to that silently and unspoken it is concluded in these circles that rebirth type embodiment of highly evolved beings is possible and even is a reality.


At that should already highly evolved beings, who had already left the physical human personhood far behind,  and thus had shed the physical human body, from time to time return back through a new embodiment, respectively again-becoming-flesh in a human, physical body, for again to wander the Earth with the task to helpfully assist those still less evolved humans. Thus this false doctrine seek to ascertain that already highly evolved humans, who has already shed their physical bodies and supposedly have found their way into the pure spiritual planes, should again return to Earth, for again to walk around  in a physical human body to help the “oh so unevolved” <brothers> and <sisters>.


The fact is, according to Billy, that when a human life form in material consciousness as well as in spirit form, is to such an extent highly evolved that the human material body no longer is needed and therefore is shed, then the half material comprehensive consciousness block completely ceases to be when the last personality, respectively the last physical ego-consciousness has fulfilled its obligation and thus served its purpose. But what remains, and will forever exist, is the spirit form, which being conscious of its evolution integrates into in the first higher, immaterial and pure spirit plane of Arahat Athersata, after it no longer needs the human body, for there to further evolve and go further through all the pure-spirit form-planes, respectively pure-spirit energy-planes, all the way to the plane of Petale, for one day to become one with Creation and thus merge with it. However, out from the pure-spirit-planes, which from this point forward forms the planes of existence for the spirit form, after it no longer needs the physical body, a return into a human body is no longer possible, apart from a quite specific measure taken by the highest plane of Petale which made a return possible. That however is regarded as an absolute exception and a special case, which since the current universe came into being, only occurred once and will probably never again occur.


Throughout the entire realm of existence of the spirit, resp. the spirit form of humans – or animals – there is never a <replacement of body to body>, neither in physical nor in spiritual form. The spirit form fragment in humans – or in animals -, the spirit form, is in itself unchangeable and it never takes on another shape or consistency. Therefore can no <embodiment in physical or spiritual form> occur, like certain false doctrines claim regarding this. The spirit form, as creational energy, always remain the same, consequently it does not embody itself into another form, respectively does not change into another form of energy. And since this is not pre-existing in the spirit form’s creational origin, since pure creational energy, like the spirit form, always remain pure creational energy, can thus no replacement from body to body take place.


Also the physical, respectively the material body of humans, which fundamentally came into being from fine matter energy of creational nature, out from immaterial creational energy, can likewise not through a substitution from body to body become into another form, like for example to an ethereal body, because for the material body it is a given, that at the end of time it again immaterialise, what means that it, in its entire coarse material, will again convert back into the pure and neutral creational energy, from which it originally came into being, as likewise will happen with all other matter of coarse-material form, which eventually, by the contraction of Creation, respectively the Universe, will again convert back into their original immaterial form, whereas the pure spiritual creation energy, evolving in a conscious form, for all times will remain, continue to exist, as well as remain unchanging in its type and consistency and take no other body, respectively take no other body form.


Thus it is not that the spirit form one day takes on another immaterial or material body, which is on one hand appropriate but is of different physical material as the actual physical human body in the course of the current material existence. This is then also not the case, as these other bodies are corresponding with the direct evolutionary level of the spirit form. Thus it will never come to that, that in the distant future the human bodies will continue to exist in some other body form, not even in a form which does not consist of flesh and blood.  The human bodies of flesh, which one day will die away once and for all and convert back into pure creational energy in neutral form, will become bodiless fine-matter energy in the end.  But by contrast, the spirit form will remain unchangeable in its characteristics as a concentration of energy of creational nature, whereby however – the higher it evolves – it will gain in luminosity in a steady progression and in the end enter into the pure-spirit-planes as brilliant spirit energy, for in these continue to evolve and achieve the relative highest possible perfection. 


The teaching of the spirit teaches that nothing exist in the Universe, respectively in Creation, which must not evolve. That includes everything which is of both pure spiritual as well as everything material, respectively coarse material. At the same time a provision is given through the cycle of being and passing away that what is not of coarse matter will for all great times last, because an infinite existence is only reserved for the pure creation energy and therefore also the spirit form of humans, which evolve during the entire time of the awake state of Creation and one day merges with the Universal consciousness, respectively Creation. 


Whenever a rebirth and reincarnation takes place, it always applies to the spirit form only, which never is subject to change and never takes on another body form. At this must however also the comprehensive consciousness block be taken into consideration which form a unity with the spirit form and in which each current personality, respectively each present ego-consciousness in material human bodies moves. And if a human has completed his/her time of physical learning then the body passes away while the spirit form continues to exist, whereas neither the body nor the spirit can re-embody itself, which already has been sufficiently explained.


Thus, there are no spiritual beings which, from time to time or simply occasionally, would embody in flesh and blood because that corresponds to a destructive violation against the creational arrangement and laws. Thus can never through a spiritual being an adoption of a body of any kind happen in such a way that an embodiment, respectively becoming-flesh takes place. And that relates to a light-figure-embodiment or to an ether-figure-embodiment etc. As explained the spirit form, as evolution conscious creational energy, remain unchangeable in its form and consistency, without ever taking on another body shape, in all special conditions as well as in its character, special nature, and in its qualities, abilities, in its love, wisdom and harmony, in its knowledge and in all its powers. Thus there exist no metensomatosis, which is what the occurrence of the alleged body-walk-in to another body is called, in which supposedly - against all common sense and creational laws - a material or immaterial being is believed to manifest itself in another body than the own creation given body.