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Billy Meier


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By Kåre Bergheim

November 11th 2011



Today is your big day

Heute ist dein grosser Tag.


This is the opening line of contact 31. It is the words Semjase greeted Billy Meier with when he met her on the 17th of July 1975 in a remote location in Switzerland.  It was the day they would take him on a five day  journey in deep space - To show him our universe and given him important information for his mission to come.


This contact goes over 82 A4 pages in length and it is by far the longest contact of them all since it is a contact held over five days.


Supporting evidence:


A witness statement -


by Jakobus Bertshinger in Zeugenbuch (witness book) on page 39. He writes that he saw Meier leave the house at Hinwil 9 AM in the morning on the 17th of July 1975. This was before Meier grew full beard and he noticed he was clean shaven when he left that morning. Jakobus spent the day and next morning in Meier’s sitting room waiting for him to come back. Meier arrived back after being away for 22 hours and Jakobus noticed two things with him which put down in his statement as follows:


Jakobus Bertshinger: 

"First, Billy made a very tired, wearily impression, which especially was reflected in the eyes, which he clearly only with difficulty, could keep open. And secondly Billy carried a beard so thick, as if he had not shaved for a week”


German original: 

"Erstens machte Billy einen sehr Müden, abgespannten Eindruck, was sich vor allem in den Augen Widerspiegelte, die er offenbar nur mit Mühe offenhalten konnte. Und Zweitens trug Billy einen so üppigen Bart, als ob er sich eine Woche lang nicht mehr rasiert hätte."


The week old thick beard - 


lend support to Billy’s claim that a time manipulation had taken place and that he had been away for a total of 5 days in real time, not the 22 hours as observed time by the witness. Billy further claim he did not sleep at all during the space trip and Jakobus stated that when Billy went to bed he slept continuous for 26 hours in a deep sleep.




Billy took a total of five 36 picture films in space but he only got one roll back. The others got lost under processing. From the film he got back, 28 photos from the trip are printed in block 1. Some of them are very good. In particular the seven photos from the Soyuz and Apollo docking which took place the same day, on the 17th of July 1975 over the Atlantic Ocean. This was an event Semjase and Meier watched and photographed.


The Investigation -


Frequent contacts with Semjase both before and after this trip in space took place where Meier collected evidence. This evidence was tested and found genuine by investigators. Their investigation was filmed in the Video CONTACT (1982).   (click to watch) 


Astronomical observations-


and other information about space which Meier either by himself observed or received from them on this trip, if later confirmed by Earth science will be additional evidence in support for that the trip took place.


The Journey starts.



 1. Heute ist dein grosser Tag.


The contact starts at 10.14 hours on the 17th of July 1975 which is when he meets Semjase. Location is not stated, but it is likely at a remote place outside of Hinwil. Semjase greets him with the words:


“Today is your big day”


She tells him that they will start the Journey with a trip through our solar system first. But there is certain information he will get to know during this trip which he will not be permitted to disclose right away. She will revert back to him with permission when also this particular information can be released. Together they walk towards where her beam ship is positioned and they are being lifted inside by a transport beam


This is the details of how Billy and Semjase entered the beam ship and what it felt like to be onboard when it took off and accelerated in enormous speed upwards while it did the craziest zigzag manoeuvres. Same type of manoeuvres often observed from the ground or by radar in other cases involving tracking of UFO's. This is Meier’s own words:


Billy Meier: 

"We go to the ship and we let us be lifted inside by the transport beam. A few seconds later the ship floats high, and I take from about 50 meters altitude some slide pictures of the area surrounding the starting place.  I take the pictures partly upright from above and some slightly skewed. I can take these images through the still open transport beam hatch, whilst we slowly rise higher. After taking the pictures Semjase closes the hatch, and within seconds the ship shoots upwards to several kilometres altitude, without me being able to notice any gravitational forces or any other changes. Everything is exactly as if I simply was standing somewhere on Earth on solid ground. Also various sudden course changes produced no effect at all, although I can see through the window that we several times shoot around like a big pendulum in the craziest movements."


German original: 

Wir gehen zum Schiff und lassen uns durch den Transportstrahl hieinheben. Schon wenige Sekunden danach schwebt das Schiff hoch, und ich knipse aus etwa 50 Meter Höhe herab einige Dia-Bilder von der Umgebung des Startplatzes. Die Bilder nehme ich teilweise senkrecht von oben auf und einige etwas schräg. Diese Bilder kann ich durch die noch offene Transportstrahlluke aufnehmen, während wir ganz lansam höher steigen. Nach der Aufnahme der Bilder schliesst Semjase die Luke, und in Sekundenschnelle schiesst das Schiff in mehrere Kilometer Höhe hinauf, ohne dass ich auch nur einen Andruck oder irgendwelche andere Veränderungen feststellen kann. Alles ist gerade so, als ob ich einfach irgendwo auf festem Boden auf der Erde stehen wuerde. Auch verschiedene plötzliche Kursänderungen rufen keinerlei Wirkung hervor, obwohl ich doch durch die Bordfenster sehen kann, dass wir mehrmals wie ein grosses Pendel in verrücktesten Bewegungen umherschiessen. 


Next Semjase tells him they are exiting Earth’s gravity field heading for Venus.


Left: Photo Nr 86 taken by Billy Meier on the 14th of June 1975. Just over a month before he was taken onboard the very same beamship as seen on this photo. Semjase is here doing a demonstration flight at Berg / Rumlikon. The dark round area underneath is the transport beam hatch. Billy writes the hatch was left open for a short time so that he could take some photos in low altitude. Once Semjase closed the hatch, the ship shot upwards with an enormous speed.


For further details see : Pleiadian Spaceships and Spacecraft technology


Below: CONTACT (1982). The filming of the investigation. The verdict given by a professional lab technician comparing photos of a model up against the real photos Meier took. “It’s easy to tell small models.” he says . Also the lab test confirmed that the size of the beam ship was what Meier claimed it was, 7 meters (21 ft) in diameter. Start at  0.48.30 minutes into the video below





Windows and instrumentation in the beam ship:


Billy uses the German word Bordfenster for the side window he looks through from inside the beam ship. A word commonly used in German for the type of side window in an aircraft which passengers look through. This window however seems to be of secondary importance. The two viewing screens are being used as the craft’s main windows. Each of them are about 70.7 cm (50x50 cm), equal to a screen size of 28 inches . It is on these two screens they have connected their various technological gadgets. Very advanced technology which enables them to spot other extraterrestrial craft shielded against optical detection. It is also possible for them to see what is happening inside buildings on these two screens. Billy is given a demonstration of this later in this contact. It is also demonstrated in other contacts, such as contact 82 and 113. See Et contact taking a closer look at an unusual demonstration for more details. This is how Billy describes the inside:


Billy Meier: 

The viewing screen seems to me like clear glass through which everything outside can be observed. I am only noticing that the whole of this viewing screen is scanned very fine, similar to the appearance of a photographic scanned image. The size of the screen is about 50 x 50 cm, while the colour ray device is inserted, buried beside it, allowing no insight into its interior. In addition to this device there are also another oscillograph type apparatus and various other types of apparatuses embedded into a circular desk and into the walls in the cockpit area. To me,  these mostly somewhat foreign looking apparatuses which I already observed on my first flight, obviously served in the control and steering of the beam ship, whereby localization devices, distance and ray detection devices, etc. would play a very important role.


All viewing screens and monitors except the oscillographic types differ however fundamentally in regards to apparatuses known to me being of same or similar type of Earth origin, whereas all appearing shapes, signs and figures on the screens, are in beautiful and often fantastic colours, in addition to being exceptional vividly expressed. As opposed to the terrestrial viewing- or monitor screens known to me which are practically only able to display signs and images superficially, these screens let everything appear with such a three-dimensional effect as if everything is being physically present and not just technically-visually created. 


German original:

Die Sichtscheibe erscheint mir wie klares Glas, durch das aussen alles beobachtet werden kann. Ich bemerke nur, dass dieser ganze Sichtschirm sehr fein gerastert ist, ähnlich dem Aussehen eines photographisch gerasterten Bildes. Die Grösse des Schirmes beträgt etwa 50 x 50 cm, während das Farbenstrahlgerät daneben eingelassen und versenkt ist und so keinen Einblick in sein Inneres erlaubt. Nebst diesem Gerät sind auch noch eine oszillographische sowie viele andere verschiedenartige Apparaturen im Kanzelraum in ein Rundpult und in die Wände  eingelassen . Diese mich grösstenteils etwas fremdartig anmutenden Apparaturen, die ich schon beim ersten Flug betrachten konnte, dienen ganz offensichtlich der Führung  und Lenkung des Strahlschiffes, wobei auch Ortungsgeräte , Distanz- und Strahlenanzeigegeräte usw. Eine sehr wichtige Rolle spielen.


Sämtliche Sicht- und Bildschirme ausser dem oszillographischen unterscheiden sich jedoch in der Hinsicht grundlegend von allen mir bekannten Apparaturen gleicher oder ähnlicher Arten irdischer Herkunft, wobei alle erscheinenden Formen, Zeichen und Figuren auf den Schirmen in schönen und oft phantastischen Farben und zudem ausserordentlich plastisch zum Ausdruck kommen. Im Gegensatz zu den mir bekannten irdischen Sicht- oder Bildschirmen, die Erscheinungsformen von Zeichen und Bildern praktisch nur vordergründig zu zeigen vermögen, lassen diese Schirme alles mit einer derartigen dreidimensionalen Wirkung erscheinen, als ob alles materiell vorhanden und nicht nur technisch-visuell erzeugt sei.





The flight to Venus does not last long according to Billy. Semjase make it clear that there are no human life forms on the planet. The planet is only in the initial stage of development of very primitive low life forms.  Billy notices that when they descend to under 40 km above the planets surface they leave the last cloud behind and are under the cloud cover. This is Billy’s own word how he sees the surface on the ships viewing screens Billy Meier


Billy Meier:

“It is at 40 kilometres altitude that we leave the last cloud masses behind and I catch sight on, what always is asserted to be, the supposedly highly volcano rich surface of Venus on two different viewing screens.  It is rugged, but cratered is the landscape not, probably volcanic in nature, but only partially drawn through by semi-high, wrinkle type as well as also different type mountains and plains, etc...  On one side I see an enormous area with no mountains which however is not full of craters, as people on Earth assumes. A polar plane, as Semjase explained to me, and mountains do not reach into these areas.” 


German original:

“Es sind an die 40 Kilometer höhe, als wir die letzten Wolkenballungen hinter uns lassen und ich die, wie immer behauptet wird, angeblich  äusserst vulkanreiche Oberfläche der Venus auf zwei verschiedenen Bildschirmen erblicke.  Wild ist sie, jedoch kraterübersät ist die Landschaft nicht, die wohl vulkanrisch geartet, jedoch nur teilweise von halb-hohen, runzelartigen sowie auch andersartigen Gebirgen und Ebenen usw. Durchzogen ist. Auf einer Seite sehe ich eine rieseige gebirgslose Fläche, die aber auch nicht voller Krater ist, wie auf der Erde von den Menschen angenommen wird. Eine Polebene, wie mir Semjase erklärt, und Gebirge reichen nicht bis in diese Gebiete.”

They fly several times around Venus to get a good view of both the day and night side of the planet before they continue their journey to Mercury. After Mercury they continue on to the other planets in our solar system. After completing the round-trip in our solar system they head back over Earth again. The time is then 1630 h according to Billys watch which means they have spent 6 hours and 16 minutes on visiting various planets in our solar system

The Apollo- Soyuz Coupling 17 July 1975

At  1630 according to Billy’s watch (which means swiss local time) Semjase positioned her ship back over Earth again. In a position where they can watch the historic Apollo-Soyuz Coupling take place. Billy writes that beside the two Earth made satellites he is observing 5 other unidentified object around. Semjase confirms to him that all five of them are extraterrestrial crafts. One craft belong to them, the four others belong to other extraterrestrial races who are also there to observe the Apollo-Soyuz Coupling. Billy found it strange that he could  not see the objects through the side window or through the camera. He could only view the five other crafts on the ships viewing screen. Semjase explained to him regarding this that the five extraterrestrial space ships were screened against visibility and could only be spotted on their special zero-visibility-screen (Null-sicht-Bildschirm). She further explained to him that the zero-visibility-screen is a special visibility device installed which collect and relay visually what cannot be seen and located with the naked eye or with more primitive devices like radar.

Billy writes that his attention now shifts towards an appearing object he sees coming high over the Earth. It appears at Earth’s horizon. Semjase now moves her ship towards the emerging object. Her beam ship is now in an invisible state, just like the other extraterrestrial crafts around them. Which means it is shielded against visual, optical and radar detection. As they move closer Billy writes as they come right behind the emerging object he can see that it is the space capsule Sojuz which is to be coupled with the Apollo capsule. Billy can clearly see the letters CCCP which is painted with big letters on the capsule. Here Billy takes a picture of the capsule. The first two letters are CO and are clearly visible and the third letter looks like a C at the edge of the photo. The photo is printed on page 232 Block 1.  

Billy make some comments to Semjase about what kind of living conditons  this small capsule offer for the two Russian cosmonauts. Semjase ask him if he want to take a look inside. This is when he for the very first time is given a demonstration of their see-through-the-wall technology. And this is as far a Semjase goes when it comes to explaining how it works.



47th .... – however, for once do you want to look inside the capsule?


Billy How should that be possible, the crazy thing is all around closed and made ​​airtight.



48. You do not know the capabilities of our technology, which allows us to distort all matter by radiation so that it becomes invisible to the eye.


49. This we are able to do very controlled, and thereby we can control the effect very accurately.


Billy then please let me see your marvel.


(Semjase occupies herself with some equipment, while I am captured by the specially for me built Photography-viewing screen,  looking across on the Sojous capsule. All of a sudden one part of the capsule just disappears and I am startled looking down on two people lying resting in shells which probably ought to be resting chairs or something similar. Unintentionally I therefore comment to Semjase) 


Billy Semjase, there…



50. Fear not for them, because nothing is happening to them.

51. For them the matter of the capsule is still as before, because only for us has it visibility wise become transparent. 


German original



47. …. – doch willst du einmal in die Kapsel hineinblicken?


Billy Wie soll das denn Möglich sein, das verrückte Ding ist ja rundherum geschlossen und luftdicht gemacht.



48. Du kennst nicht die Möglichkeiten unserer Technik, die uns erlauben, alle Materie durch Strahlungen so zu verzerren, dass sie für das Auge unsichtbar wird.


49. Dies vermögen wir sehr kontrolliert zu tun, und dadurch können wir den Effekt sehr genau lenken.


Billy Dann lass mich bitte euer Wunderwerk sehen


 (Semjase beschäftigt sich an einigen Apparaturen, Während ich gebannt durch den eigens für mich erbauten Photgraphier-Sichtschirm auf die Sojous-Kapsel hinüberblicke. Ganz plötzlich verschwindet einfach ein Teil der Kapsel, und ich blicke erschrocken auf zwei Menschen hinab, die liegend in Schalen ruhen, die wohl Liegenstühle oder etwas Ähnliches sein sollen. Ungewollt spreche ich deshalb Semjase an.)


Billy Semjase , dort …



50. Fürchte nicht für sie, denn es geschieht ihnen nichts.

51. Für sie ist die Materie der Kapsel noch so wie zuvor, denn nur für uns ist sie sichtmässig durchscheinend geworden.


Semjase brings Billy’s attention to a second capsule now approaching. It is the American Apollo capsule. She tells Billy to get his camera ready because in a few minutes the coupling with Soyuz will take place. Billy writes how he observes the two capsules slowly moving towards each other. He writes the coupling was carried out in a very precise manoeuvre taking only a short time to complete.  Inside the American capsule he sees one of the astronauts floating around in a weight less condition. The American unit is bigger than the Soyuz because the Apollo capsule also carries the connection module, an in-between piece used for the coupling. Billy takes six photos which are all printed in block 1 page 234. In one of them the dark silhouette of an extra-terrestrial craft observing the coupling is also visible.





Semjase now tells Billy it is time to leave as they are going to visit their mother ship. She puts the ship in motion again and they head for space in great speed. Billy writes it only took a few minutes before Earth had been reduced to a big lightning ball shimmering in space with a blue colour. The beam ship can also travel in hyperspace mode but it appears that is not how they are travelling now  since Billy observes Earth's size being reduced gradually. It is fitted with tachyon propulsion system for use in space. When the ship travelled within Earth’s atmosphere an antigravity propulsion system was instead used. The antigravity propulsion system is built on the principle of repelling forces. Their beam ships are also fitted with antimatter propulsion systems. The next type beamship Semjase demonstrated the following year, 1976, was outfitted with an antimatter propulsion system for deep space travel. Not tachyon like this one. The information about the propulsion system is not given in this contact but in contact 55 held on the 14th of June 1976.  In that contact Semjase further states that they developed the anti-matter propulsion system more than 50 000 years ago. 



The Mothership


Semjase tells Billy to take a look outside ahead of them. Their mothership can now be visually spotted. It is waiting at a location in our solar system. It is there to pick them up and take them on a journey into  deep space and beyond. To a sister universe called the DAL universe. In block 1 page 235 there is a photo printed of the mothership , taken from a great distance. The planet Jupiter can be seen beside it. Billy writes that the mothership only weakly reflects the sunlight from its surface when he first spotted it.  The beamship now slowly reduces its speed. Semjase concentrates on the instrumentation as they are getting closer and she is steering towards the lower part of the central sphere of the mothership. The central sphere has a diameter of 17 kilometres (10,5 miles).  It is like approaching a small planet writes Billy as they are now coming closer towards an opening 100 meters in height and 100 meters in width.



Left: Drawing of the Pleiadian/Plejaran Mothership measuring 17 kilometres in width and 35 kilometres in overall length.



Billy notices a blue light coming out from the surface of the walls inside as they fly into this opening leading to the hangar sections. Semjase parks the beam ship in what she describes as a security room. It is a room which has normal atmospheric conditions even when the outside port opening towards space is wide open. But she explains there is an invisible or transparent protective wall in-between which segregate and secure this room towards the open space outside.


Elsa Schröder


As they are about to step out of the beam ship Billy brings up a topic with Semjase and ask her if she have any explanation for it. Karl Veit in the UFO organisation DUIST in Wiesbaden had passed on to him a typed letter which DUIST received from a 35 year old German woman named Elsa Schröder. She writes in the letter that whilst on a camping holiday in Turkey she observed a woman, who with a strange digging device was digging up something from the ground, a cylinder or something like that. The woman took with her the object she dug up and disappeared in a UFO which went up towards the sky.  But incidentally before the UFO-woman disappeared Elsa Schröder got to talk to her and the woman presented herself as Semjaze or Semjase. A photocopy of the typed letter is printed in Block 1 page 238 and 239 along with a handwritten attachment from Karl Veit. On the bottom of the letter Elsa Schröder has signed her own name and dated it Antakya / Türkei 8.März 1975.


Semjase responds to Billy that that the encounter is well known to her. She said it was not in Turkey but in Iran, close to Zahedan it happened. It was early in the morning. Semjase said luckily she had her vibration-neutralization screen activated as she was digging out an important time-spiral from the ground. She said they had been searching for it for three years before they found it. It is a time-projectile for research purpose. Semjase shows the projectile to Billy . He describes it as being a cone and spiral-shaped object. Semjase tell Billy that it is also a reason why they are going to the universe barrier, because it originates from another universe.



Inside the Mothership 


They now leave the beamship and Billy notices that Semjase carries in her hand a technical devise which open a transparent wall in front of them and allow them through pass. Completely silenct a vehicle arrives floating towards them. It is the size of a small car. It floats 20 cm above ground and it has comfortable seats. They both enter this vehicle and it slowly rises higher and higher. Billy looks back and notices the transparent wall closing behind them as they move forward and upwards. In this vehicle they are now flying through one of the hangars where Billy observes a range of different sized beam ships are lined up. Some are being serviced by robots. Billy estimates the height from the floor to the ceiling to be about 800 meters (2625 feet).  The ceiling as well as the walls radiates a slightly blue coloured light, appearing similar to looking at a blue sky.


They are heading towards the centre of the ceiling where there is a large hole. When coming closer, Billy notices that it is a vertical tunnel. They enter into this tunnel with their vehicle. The walls in this tunnel also radiate a slightly bluish light. With accelerating speed their vehicle now floats upwards inside this transport tunnel.  After a few minutes they enter a side tunnel where they arrive at an area 2000 x 1000 meters in size. It is a green area consisting of botanical gardens parks etc. Billy ask Semjase how high up they have travelled since they stared. She replies 11 kilometres. Billy comments that is higher than Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth. Semjase replies that Mount Everest is not the highest mountain on Earth the way they measure mountains. This is because a planet is never completely round. All planets have a slightly elliptical form. They therefore measure the height of a mountain from the centre of the Earth not from the sea surface like we do.  Measured from the centre of Earth Chimborazo in Ecuador is the highest mountain. It is 2150 meter higher than Mount Everest by their measurement.


They exit their vehicle at this level and walk for about 20 minutes across the green area towards another transportation tunnel. This tunnel leads up to the control centre. Again they enter a flotation vehicle and with accelerating speed they travel up this tunnel to the cockpit, the navigation and command centre of the mothership. The first thing Billy notices when they arrive at the cockpit is that the kilometre wide roof over it is transparent. He can see stars and galaxies shining crystal clear against the blackness of space. He asks Semjase if the dome is made of some type of glass. Semjase replies it is not. It is made of a very stable and strong metal alloy, same type of metal as the transparent walls in the hangars. She refers back to the Soyuz space capsule, when she by technological means was able to make the capsule transparent so that Billy cold view the cosmonauts inside. She tell Billy the same type of technology is being utilized here to make the dome transparent.


They are able to make everything transparent through the use of technological created rays and oscillations. It is a technology which makes solid metal walls or a dome, like the one over them,  to visually appear as if it is made of glass. It becomes see-through.  Billy and Semjase now continue onboard their special vehicle floating in the air  towards the centre of the command central where Billy notices a horseshoe shaped structure in the middle of it which is about 100 meters in height but with a centre no bigger than the floor space of a normal room. The walls around, inside the horseshoe structure are packed with monitors, viewing screens and different kind of apparatuses. In the middle of it he can see a lone bearded man standing looking at them as they are approaching. Semjase lands the vehicle within a designated landing zone about 60 meters away from the horseshoe shaped formation. The man standing over there now comes walking towards them.



JHWH Ptaah


He is dressed in a space suit similar to Semjase and by Billy’s estimate he looks like a man being 70 or 75 years old. Semjase jumps out of the vehicle first and warmly greets the man. They both talk in a language foreign to Billy. She then turns to Billy and presents the man as her father Ptaah.  He is also the commander of the mothership. Until now Billy has only been told that the commander holds the title JHWH. And first now does he also get to know that this person is also her father. Ptaah speaks to Billy in German. A language he masters as good as Semjase. But that is only because he is using a language translator. A technical device in the form of a little box he is carrying on his belt. It translates his own native language to German and makes it sound like he is the one speaking. Ptaah tells Billy that one of his ancestors lived on Earth with the name Ptah. He was also a JHWH and was married to a woman named BASTH. Information about him can still be found in ancient legends, sagas and other information passed on. Semjase comments that if Billy wants to do a search it is likely he will find traces of him if he looks into Egyptian and South American God legends.



Billy notices by looking through the transparent dome that the star constellations are changing meaning the mothership has now been set in motion moving through space with high speed. All three of them take a seat inside the horseshoe formation which is where navigation takes place. On the viewing screens Billy can see all the planets of our sun systems. He notices a fine ring around Jupiter similar to the rings around Saturn. But he also notices rings showing up around the external planets of our sun system as well. He finds the view fantastic with so many clear stars galaxies and nebulas all around. Suddenly the star constellations start moving really fast by and he asks Ptaah what speed they are up to now. Ptaah points to an apparatus which measures the speed. It shows they are now moving at 289 000 kilometres per second. Billy asks how long they are going to fly at this speed. The answer is 30 minutes. They will then undertake a transmission which will have them translocated to a distant system. Billy asks this is the same as time travel. Ptaah replies it is. They will enter hyper space where time and space becomes paralysed.



The Prophet of the New Age


The discussion now turns towards spiritual issues. Billy complains to Semjase that in the messages he has received from the spiritual level, called Arahat Athersata he is being defined as being a prophet. Billy find this title grand and inappropriate because he do not see himself such. He has therefore suppressed the voices from this level and refused to write a single line more from them anymore. He is considering whether to continue or break off the contact with this level. He finds it embarrassing and strange that he is to appear as a great Prophet. He thinks inevitably people will accuse him megalomania and brand him a liar. 


Reflecting back on this now that we are in 2011 and 36 years has gone by since this contact took place and with the advantage of hindsight to see if Billy was right about this. It is clear he was. The UFO organisations did not embrace him no matter of how much evidence he provided for his contacts. Nor did the public or the media organisations embrace him. Instead, coupled with evidence of real extraterrestrial contact, it gave him the most powerful enemies there is out there. Directly not the religious organisation.  Directly not the political parties.  Directly not the military. But the government funded intelligence organisations. Which is the tool created for all these other organisations to use when they want something done.  And every western country has one.  Going back to May 2007, when I was a FIGU passive- and spiritual teaching study group member there were just under 300 members in his organisation as a whole, not a lot for an organisation which had been active for more than 30 years.


And for those who wonder what a member ship in the so called PASSIV-GRUPPE und GEISTESLEHRE-STUDIUM entitled, it meant I received a lot of material and was kept well informed even though I did not live in Switzerland. Every fourth months  I received about 55 A-4 pages of Geisteslehre briefe (4 letters) , every year I received the Minutes of Meetings of the yearly passive group meeting held in May. It used to be held at Freihof. Some 30 A4 pages of transcript of the speeches, listing new books to be published and other info related to the mission. Names of participants, usually around 80-90, was also listed. Every second month I received the regular material; Stimme Der Wassermanzeit, FIGU Sonder Bulltin and Figu Bulletin and sometimes other material.  But back to the question here: Why did Billy take the title prophet when he knew full well that this title would have an adverse impact on his popularity and give him more trouble?


The answer to that lies in the reply JHWH Ptaah here gives when he breaks off Semjase. He wants to clarify to Billy what this is all about.


Ptaah tells Billy that it is a real pity he has blocked the contact with Arahat Athersata. They knew about it but did not know why he did it before now. Ptaah fully understands that Billy just want to be a normal person like everybody else and nothing more. But he says he feel they are to blame for not giving Billy the correct definition of what the real purpose and status of a prophet is as defined by them. Wherefore Ptaah now gives Billy a lengthy reply in order to clarify this. (Part quote with my unofficial translation above the original)




55. Out from this (spiritual) plane our High Council only received the information about your blockade, but nothing more.

56. The facts about you and the prophet hood currently stand as such that you have to acknowledge first and foremost, that your knowledge acquired in consciousness and spiritual related issues is extraordinarily vast and very substantial.

57. At the present time you dispose of, as being the only person on Earth, to have what in your terms is called phenomenal knowledge in respect to the spiritual teaching as well as the spiritual laws and commandments and the wisdom linked with it.


58. However, this admittedly in part, has its reason in the fact that you have received a great deal of tuition and have been taught the truth by Sfath and various Earth teachers, as well as by Asket from the DAL universe.

59. However, you achieved the basic recognition through making use out of your memory bank impulses from earlier lives as well as through the trip in the past which thoroughly and for good  freed you from any potential false teaching still existing.

60. On Earth it means an incidental undertaking, which up to present time is unique.


61. You have already experienced and got to know the way of time travel into the past, even before

we ourselves, with all means available to us, were able to do so.

62. Only when Asket officially stepped in contact with us and we through the DAL-race got the capabilities to manufacture time travel devices and apparatuses, did we succeed in this form of travel.

63.This is now, going by Earth time reckoning,  four years ago, whereas you already a number of years prior had put behind you the first trip back into an earlier time, together with Asket and your friend.


64.This is as it stands in regards to your knowledge which is also exceptionally great and in this respect, in your World, find nothing of similar forms.

65. That you must be become aware of and bring yourself to understand.

66. You should thus not stand out for the sake of your knowledge, and do absolutely not put yourself above others, that is out of the question.


67.  It is very good that you practice yourself in modesty and adhere to that, but you should not be too shy, something you unfortunately tend to.

68. Understand, that you possess an exceptionally great knowledge in regards to the spiritual teaching and the creational laws and commandments and the wisdom linked with, and if you recognize this, then can and may one not thus accuse you of megalomania.

69. Such type of insults is only expressed by unknowing and silly or egoistic and envious or know-it-all wannabe human life forms.


70. When we could enter into contact with you, then it was only possible for us to do so in respect of your knowledge that I have mentioned and subject to your wisdom.

71. We also do have contact with other Earth people, but those are however only a few, and the contacts with them are unconsciously in the way of impulses only; as you favour to say amongst yourselves, none of these other Earth people are big enough to hold a candle to you.

72. That is no boastful words from my side, when I explain it to you ins such a way because it is only purely and simply the truth.


73. And for this reason in particular I am very glad that you nevertheless are still practicing in modesty and not favour to make yourself be presumptuous.

74. As is said, however, is your modesty too big, because you must acknowledge your development and your spiritual and consciousness related status.

75. You may refuse to accept praise and also any thanks, but you must recognize a factual statement.


76. And it was only a statement of a fact when I brought up your exceptionally big astuteness and the extremely logical combination ability.

77. When now Arahat Athersata identify you as a prophet and name you as such, the justification for doing so is on the one hand found in your knowledge in regards to all creative-spiritual concerns and in your wisdom and love, and on the other hand, due to the other fact that you are a recipient for the dissemination of very important spiritual and ground-breaking messages from a very high spiritual plane.

78. These messages are forward-looking and thus prophetic.


79. This is why you are called prophet, because your announcements are not only prophetic, but rather direction giving and instructive in nature.

80. This description is as such very much entitled, and does not lean towards an exercising or arrogant power factor in your character and your life.

81. Such an impression is absolutely wrong and unfortunately very common on Earth.


82. Humans on Earth consider a prophet as something powerful and a being who is above all other life forms.

83. This is not true, because a prophet is a life form like any other.

84. The false doctrine, however, that a prophet is a power-exercising life form, was already created at earlier times by fanatics, charlatans, swindlers and religious leaders deliberately for the reason to consolidate their own power over the people.


85. Do not pay attention, hence, to these false teachings, because they are delusive and wrong and they convey the wrong images and impressions, something you however fortunately have not succumbed yourself to and which you now do not need to correct.

86. Be also aware that that a prophet in modern times have to work in completely different ways than back in  the old days, because they lived mostly lonely in wild and inaccessible mountains and regions and stepped only now and then amongst the people with powerful words of the truth.

87. Those times on Earth are long gone by and the means of disseminating prophetic work and the means of implementation have thoroughly changed.


88. For the prophethood at the present and in future times on Earth there are many technological means available.

89. The majority of people on Earth also master their language in the writing, which has very much increased the opportunities for prophetic work.



German original


Teil Zitat 



55. Von der Ebene aus erhielt unser Hohe Rat nur die Information bezüglich deiner Blockade, mehr aber nicht.

56. Die Fakten bezüglich dir und des Prophetentums verhalten sich nun aber so, dass du in erster Linie anerkennen musst, dass dein erlangtes Wissen in bewusstseinmässiger  und geistiger Hinsicht ausserordentlich gross und sehr reichhaltig ist.

57. Zur gegenwärtigen Zeit verfügst du auf der Erde als einziger Mensch über dieses euren Begriffen nach phänomenal zu nennende Wissen in bezug der Geisteslehre sowie der geistigen Gesetze und Gebote und der damit verbundenen Weisheit.


58. Dies hat allerdings teilweise seine Begründung darin, dass du von Sfath und verschiedenen irdischen Lehrern sowie durch Asket vom DAL-Universum sehr grosse Wissenshilfen erhalten hast und der Wahrheit belehrt worden bist.

59. Die grundlegende Erkennung aber erlangtest du durch die Nutzung von Speicherbankimpulsen aus früheren Leben sowie durch die Reise in die Vergangenheit, die dich gründlich und für alle Zeiten von eventuell bestehenden Irrlehren befreit hat.

60. Auf der Erde bedeutet das ein geschehenes Unterfangen, das bis zur heutigen Zeit einmalig ist.


61. Du hast die Form der Vergangenheitsreise sogar schon gekannt und erlebt, ehe wir mit allen uns zur Verfügung stehenden Mitteln selbst dazu in der Lage waren.

62. Erst als Asket mit uns offiziell in Kontakt trat und wir durch die DAL-rasse die Möglichkeiten zur Anfertigung von Zeitreiseapparaturen und –geräten erhielten, gelang uns diese Reiseform.

63. Dies ist jetzt nach irdischer Zeitrechnung vier Jahre her, während du schon eine Anzahl Jahre zuvor die erste Reise in eine frühere Zeit hinter dich gebracht hast, zusammen mit Asket und deinem freund.


64. Dies ist der Stand der Dinge um dein Wissen, das also ausserordentlich gross ist und in dieser Beziehung in deiner Welt nichts von ähnlichen Formen findet.

65. Das musst du dir bewusst werden und Verständnis dafür aufbringen.

66. Du sollst dich dadurch und um deine Wissens willen nicht besonders hervorheben und dich absolut nicht  über andere setzen wollen, davon kann nicht die Rede sein.


67. Es ist sehr gut, dass du dich in Bescheidenheit übst und diese zur Anwendung bringst, aber du darfst nicht zu bescheiden sein, wozu du leider neigst.

68. Werde dir klar, dass du ein ausserordentlich grosses Wissen in bezug der Geisteslehre und der schöpferischen Gesetze und Gebote und auch die damit verbundene Weisheit besitzt, und wenn du dies anerkennst, dann kann und darf man dich deswegen nicht des Grössenwahn beschimpfen.

69. Derartige Beschimpfungen werden nur von unwissenden und dummen oder selbstsüchtigen und neidischen oder besserwissenwollenden menschlichen Lebensformen geäussert.


70. Wenn wir uns mit dir in Verbindung setzen konnten, dann war uns das nur in Hinsicht deines von mir genannten Wissens und gemäss deiner Weisheit möglich.

71. Wohl haben wir auch Kontakt mit andern Erdenmenschen, doch deren sind nur sehr wenige, und die Kontakte mit ihnen sind nur unbewusst impulsmässig; wie ihr bei euch zu sagen beliebt, ist keiner dieser anderen Erdenmenschen gross genug, um dir auch nur das Wasser reichen zu können.

72. Das is nicht grosssprecherisch von mir, wenn ich das so erkläre , denn es ist nur schlicht und einfach die Wahrheit.


73. Und insbesondere deswegen bin ich sehr froh darüber, dass du dich trotzdem in Bescheidenheit übst und nicht ein Aufhebens von dir zu machen beliebst.

74. Wie gesagt ist aber deine Bescheidenheit zu gross, denn du must deine Entwicklung und deinen geistigen und bewusstseinmässigen stand annerkennen.

75. Du darfst ein Lob ablehnen und auch jeglichen Dank, doch die Feststellung einer Tatsache musst du anerkennen.


76. Und eine Feststellung einer Tatsache war es nur, als ich deinen ausserordentlich grossen Scharfsinn und die äusserst logische Kombinationsfähigkeit zur Sprache brachte.

77. Wenn dich Arahat Athersata nun als Propheten bezeichnet und so benennt, dann findet das die Berechtigung dazu einerseits in deinem Wissen hinsichtlich aller schöpferisch-geistigen Belange und in deiner Weisheit und Liebe, und andererseits in der weiteren Tatsache, dass du Empfänger zur Verbreitung sehr wichtiger geistiger und bahnbrechender Botschaften aus einer sehr hohen Geistebene bist.

78. Diese Botschaften sind zukunftsweisend und prophetisch also.


79. Darum also wirst du Prophet genannt, denn deine Kündungen sind nicht nur prophetischer, sondern auch richtungsweisender und belehrender Natur.

80. Diese Bezeichnung ist also sehr berechtigt, und sie tendiert nicht auf eine ausübende oder überhebliche Machtgrösse deines Wesen und deines Lebens.

81. Ein solcher Eindruck ist völlig falsch und auf der Erde leider sehr verbreitet


82. Der Erdenmensch betrachtet einen Propheten als etwas Machtwolles und als ein Wesen , das über allen anderen Lebensformen steht.

83. Dem ist in Wahrheit aber nicht so, den ein Prophet ist eine Lebensform wie jede andere auch.

84. Die Irrlehre aber, dass ein Prophet eine machtausübende Lebensform sei, wurde schon zu frühen Zeiten durch Fanatiker, Scharlatane, Betrüger und Religionsführer bewusst zu dem Grunde erstellt, um ihre eigene Macht im Volke zu festigen.


85. Achte daher nicht dieser Irrlehren, denn die sind trügerisch und falsch und sie erwecken falsche Vorstellungen und Eindrücke, denen aber du glüklicherweise nicht unterlegen bist und die du nun nicht berichtigen must.

86. Sei dir aber auch bewusst, dass ein Prophet der heutigen Zeit in völlig anderen Formen zu arbeiten hat als noch zu früheren Zeiten, da sie meist einsam in wilden und unzugänglichen Gebirgen und Gegenden hausten und nur hie und da mit machtvollen Worten der Wahrheit unter das Volk traten.

87. Jene Zeiten gehören auf der Erde schon lange der Vergangenheit an, und die Verbreitungsmöglichkeiten prophetischer Arbeiten und ihre Anwendungsmöglichkeiten haben sich gründlich geändert.


88. Für das Prophetentum der heutigen und zukünftigen Zeit auf der Erde stehen vielerlei  technische Hilfsmittel zur Verfügung.

89. Der Grossteil der Erdenmenschen beherrscht ihre Sprachen auch in der Schrift, so die Möglichkeiten für eine Prophetenarbeit sehr hoch angestiegen sind.


Left:  <Billy> Eduard Albert Meier (Photo 1980)


"It is no coincidence that the German language has been selected for the recent deliverance and recording of the spiritual teaching. According to Plejaran information there is no other language to be found on the entire planet with such an extensive vocabulary. These circumstances also lie hidden in the historical fact that the archetype of the German language, the so-called Arin, already was brought to this planet many millenniums ago by extraterrestrial intelligences and the prophet Henok .

Another falsification of the spiritual teaching as well all the writings of the Prophet of the New Age must be avoided under all circumstances. The results of a renewed falsification would be disastrous for this planet."


German original:

"Es ist kein Zufall, dass für die neuerlich Überlieferung und Niederschrift der Geisteslehre die deutsche Sprache ausgewählt wurde. Gemäss plejarischer Angaben ist auf dem gesamten Planeten keine andere Sprache mit einem dermassen umfangreichen Wortschatz zu finden.

Dieser Sachverhalt liegt auch in der historischen Tatsache verborgen, dass die Urform der deutschen Sprache, das sogenannte Arin, bereits vor veilen Jahrtausenden von ausserirdischen Intelligenzen und dem Propheten Honok auf diesen Planeten gebracht wurde.

Eine neuerliche Verfälschung der Geisteslehre sowie gesamthaft aller Schriften des Propheten der Neuzeit muss unter allen Umständen vermieden werden. Die Folgen einer erneuten Verfälchung wären für diesen Planeten verheerend."


From page 132 of the book Teaching and Announcer of Truth / Lehre und Künder der Wahrheit published in 2006  by Billy Meier’s Swiss media representative, author, researcher and long-time core group member Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer. 



The space journey. An overview


This is an overview of the travel destinations and rotation. Listed by the same sequential order they appear in the contact.  


Catalogue and Destination / Star Constellation/ Distance from Earth  /Comments                            


Earth          Departing Switzerland 17 July 1975 at 10.14 h



Other Planets in our solar system

Earth          Back above at 16.30 h to watch the Apollo-Soyuz coupling.

The Mothership. Positioned in our solar system. Boarding the mothership to

                   continue the journey further into space.Travelling at 289 000

                   kilometre per second for 30 minutes to location where undertaking first hyperspace jump. 

M45           Beyond the Pleiades in Taurus 500 Light years from Earth (their distance)

M42           Orion Nebula in Orion 1800 Light Years from Earth (our distance). 

M1             Crab Nebula in Taurus 3150 Light years from Earth (our distance). 

B33            Viewing position in space 1810 Light Years from Earth (their distance).

                  Observing the Horsehead Nebula in Orion from a distance of 200 Light years away.

M20           Trifid Nebula in Saggitarius. Distance not given.

M57           Ring Nebula in Lyra. Distance not given.          

M17           Omega Nebula in Sagittarius. Distance not given.

M16           Eagle Nebula in Serpens. Distance not given.   

M27           Dumbbell Nebula in Vulpecula. Distance not given.

NGC6781   planetary Nebula in Aquila. Distance not given.                                            

NGC7293   Helix nebula in Aquarius. Distance not given.                                                                                    

M2             Globular star cluster in Aquarius 47 000 Light years (their distance) 

M31           Andromeda Galaxy in Andromeda. About 2,2 million light years from Earth (their distance)

The Unverse barrier - Passing through the barrier which lays between our universe they name DERN and our sister universe which they name DAL.

Entering The DAL universe - Only for boarding another mother ship. It belongs to the people of Asket and Nera and it has them onboard. 


Return leg 

The Universe barrier. Passing back through the barrier into our Universe from the DAL Universe

The travel destination listed below are the names used by them. The distances are also all given by them, as measured by them.

NESAR Planetary system. 1,73 billion light year from Earth .

DESOM a planet in the Galaxy ASAP.  1960 million light years from Earth. People there living in the evolution stage of our Middle ages.

LESA planetary system in the galaxy NEPON. 1780 million light years from Earth. Planets with primitive fauna life.

TARO a star cluster part of the Galaxy MARA. 15 000 million light years from Earth. Several planets in the volcanic stage of evolution.

ESES in the Galaxy DERON 4480 million light years from Earth. Volcanic planets.

ICE PLANET drifting randomly in space. It is 11 times bigger than Saturn. Distance to Earth not given.

KARTAG in the system NEB in the Galaxy ARATOM.  8 billion light years from Earth.  A planet with atomic war.

NEBER in the system KRAS in the galaxy BEBERAS. 9380 million light years from Earth. UR-world.

Our solar system - The mothership returns back to our solar system. 

Earth - Semjase brings Billy from the mother ship back to Earth in her beam ship. The Journey ends.



Hyperspace travel


They still travelling at 289 000 km/s and have now almost reached their position for the first transmission into hyperspace, called hyperspace jump. Billy has been told by Semjase that a hyperspace jump over enormous distances only takes a fraction of a second. He sums up his understanding to Ptaah of how he thinks hyperspace works.  Ptaah answers that the understanding he gives below is correct:



We spoke of time traveling and thus and also about this mothership. I would like to ask you here whether I am correct in my assumption as follows:

Semjase has given me an explanation about the utilisation of hyperspace, as you already has mentioned.  The way I see this matter now, is that this utilization of hyperspace is about precisely the same phenomenon which I have experienced earlier, namely an accurate time trip which admits all possibilities, past, present, future, other dimensions and other spaces. Back then Semjase explained that a hyper jump over infinite distances only takes a split second of time something which unfortunately just now struck me properly.

Thereby it can in my opinion no longer be just simply about a hyperspace crossing, but rather only about a time travel where space and time is being paralysed, what certainly in a normal hyper jump is not likely to be the case.


From that occurs to me the aspect of a same point observation in the same time: Space and time then becomes paralysed, and that in the literal sense in fact. That is they are pushed together if I may state it like that, through which an absolute timelessness and a void of space is as well created. Then this time and space void can be crossed at an unmeasurable speed in a split second, without any type of shift or distortion. Hence, when Semjase with her small beam ship uses hyperspace, then it must also there involve the same form. Through this form of using hyperspace it must be possible to also do a time trip in a time standing still, thus one appears the same second at the destination as one just disappears at the starting point. And, besides, in my opinion in this respect it concerns of nothing else than a technically caused dematerialization and rematerialization,  when the time trip is carried out in the present form of time.  Only in this way can practically no time pass by and everything remains free from shift and distortions.


German original


Wir sprachen doch von Zeitreisen und so und auch von diesem Grossraumer. Ich möchte dich hier fragen, ob ich mit folgenden Annahmen richtig gehe: Semjase hat mir eine Erklärung über die Benutzung des Hyperraumes abgeben, wie du ja bereits erwähnt hast. Wie ich die Sache nun sehe, handelt es sich bei dieser Hyperraumbenutzung genau um das Phänomen, das ich früher erlebt habe, nämlich eine richtiggehende Zeitreise, die alle Möglichkeiten zulässt, Vergangenheit, Gegenwart, Zukunft, andere Dimensionen und andere Räume. Semjase hat ja damals erklärt, das ein Hypersprung durch unendliche Distanzen nur Sekundenbruchteile in Anspruch nehme, was mir leider erst vorhin richtig aufgefallen ist. Dadurch kann es sich meines Erachtens nicht mehr um eine einfache Hyperraum-durchquerung handeln, sondern nur noch um Zeitreise, durch die Raum und Zeit paralysiert werden, was ja sicher bei einem normalen Hypersprung nicht der Fall sein dürfte.


Daraus ergibt sich für mich das moment der Gleichpunktbetrachtung in der Gleichzeit: Raum und Zeit werden also paralysiert, und zwar in Wörtlichem Sinne genommen. Das heisst, sie werden aneinandergeschoben, wenn ich das so nennen darf, wodurch eine absolute Zeitlose entsteht und auch ein Raumloses. Dieses Zeit- und Raumlose kann dann mit unmessbarer Geschwindigkeit in Sekundenbruchteilen durchquert werden, ohne irgendwelche Verschiebungen oder Verzerrungen. Wenn Semjase mit ihrem kleinen Strahlschiff daher den Hyperraum benutzt, dann muss es sich auch dort um dieselbe Art handeln. Durch diese Art der Hyperraumbenutzung muss es also möglich sein, auch eine Zeitreise in stillstehender Zeit zu tun, so man also zur selben Sekunde am Zielort erscheint, wenn man eben erst am Ausgangsort verschwindet. Und meines Erachtens handelt es sich dabei um nichts anderes als um eine technisch hervorgerufene Entmaterialisation und Rematerialisation, wenn die Zeitreise gegenwartsförmig durchgeführt wird. Nur dadurch kann ja praktisch gesehen keine Zeit vergehen und alles frei von Verschiebungen und Verzerrungen bleiben.



The point of transmission reached. The first hyperspace jump. Destination Plejaden   


Ptaah advises Billy that they have reached their transmission point. The location in space where the first hyperspace jump is to take place. Ptaah and Semjase attend to the instrumentation which is all around them inside the horseshoe shaped room they are in. Billy notices small lights starts to flash. Dark screens come to life. They display signs foreign to him. For the first time he also now also hears a sound, a somewhat soft metallic type sound. He takes a look towards the transparent dome where he can see stars of all sizes pass by in high speed for then suddenly to disappear turning into a milky white fog. It lasts only a few seconds. The stars then reappear, still passing by in great speed. But that also lasts only a few seconds. They then only pass by in slow speed and Semjase starts talking to him and Billy asks her how the transmission went. She tells him to look through the dome and identify what he sees. He then notices all the star constellations are foreign to him. Semjase tells him they have now successfully carried out the first hyperspace jump and are now 500 light years from Earth.  She points to a star cluster and says:



196. There – see there on top, that star cluster there, there behind it is my home world, there is our Plejaden.

196. Dort – sieh dort oben, jener Sternhaufen dort, dort dahinter ist meine Heimatwelt, das dort sind unsere Plejaden.


She also tells him their current position is 211 million kilometre away from the closest star. They are not going any closer for the reason they need hold a security distance of minimum 153 million kilometres when next hyperspace jump is to be carried out. 


Messier 45 The Pleiades is an open star cluster in Taurus.

The nine brightest stars of the Pleiades are named for the Seven Sisters of Greek mythology:

Sterope, Merope, Electra, Maia, Taygeta, Celaeno, and Alcyone, along with their parents Atlas and Pleione.




The Plejaran Federation


From the book Die Wahreit über die Plejaden (The truth about the Plejarans) published in 1996 by Billy Meier (Page 162). (My unofficial translation of the German original )


Billy Meier: The home star and home planet of the Plejarans, as already stated, are not located in or near the stars of the Pleiades, which can be seen from Earth and as such are present in our space-time configuration, but are instead located beyond these stars a further 80 light away whereby the distance from Earth amounts to about 500 light years. In addition, the stars and planets in the Plejades exists in a dimension that lies a fraction of a second space-and time-shifted in the future to our plane of existence. In this other space-time plane, a star cluster exists with ten different habitable planets. So are at least the stars, respective suns in the star cluster of the Plejades named after the name of the suns in the Pleiades in our dimension. In the Plejades, the space-time shifted dimension of the Plejarans, the most Earth like planet is called Erra, which is also the administrative planet of the Plejaran federation, whose allies are found in a distance of up to 6 billion light years away.


In order for the Plejarans to find their way into our dimension a so called dimension door was created in the area of the Pleiades in our dimension for about 52 000 year ago. Since then it has been possible for them to transfer between the dimensions whenever they wanted. This dimension door is also used as a news transmitting channel, which makes it possible for the Plejarans to at all times maintain their communication between the two dimensions, and in fact without loss of time, because their communication signals becomes transmitted by using an artificial-technical utilizable ​​plane spiritual energy carrier. In this way the transmission speed are set at virtually no limits; a signal reaches a destination one billion light years away in the same moment it is being sent. The same communications system is in existence as well amongst all federation members in other foreign dimensions as well as also amongst Askets’s people in the DAL universe and a few other people living over there who are allied or in friendship with the Plejarans. For the same purpose a dimension door was also created between the two sister universes around 50 000 years ago.  Original German text here (scroll down the page).


Second hyperspace jump.  The Orion nebula


So they are now at their first destination Plejaden, where their home world is. It seems to be only a short stop. There is no reference here that they made any trip to Erra, their home planet at this stop. However the contact notes refer to a trip made to Erra at a later date. But that was in a separate contact, not in this one. But nothing can be completely ruled out, because there are at times unofficial things being talked about and done which is not always being printed in the official contact. What is referred to at this stop is that Billy is being approached by an android related to an issue with his camera. Billy finds it utopian that the android can act and think independently. The android speak to him in a language he does not understand. Semjase tells Billy that it is a matter of getting used to things. She says that the android’s body is half organic and his brain is biochemical-organic.


After some short exchange Ptaah says the next hyperspace jump will happen in 9 seconds. Destination;  The Orion nebula. He says to Billy that according to our measurement it is 1800 light years away from Earth. At this destination references made only to Billy taking photos. So again it appears to be a destination for viewing purpose only.



Third hyperspace jump. The Crab Nebula


The third hyperspace jump is about to take place. Ptaah says to Billy that the jump this time will be to a destroyed sun and add that the destruction took place 10 000 years ago when the sun became a supernova which today is visible as a nebula, under the name the Crab Nebula. Ptaah says that according to our measurements it is 3150 light years from Earth. As with the previous two jumps Billy notices how the stars turns into a milky white fog, but this time he notices that the same thing happens when he visually observes the cockpit. Everything around him turns milky white fog for a very short time during the leap into the timelessness.



Fourth hyperspace jump. The Horsehead nebula


At this location Ptaah says they are 1810 light years from Earth, and that the strangely looking figure 200 light years in the distance is the Horsehead Nebula. Billy takes a photo of it. The photo is printed in black and white in Block 1 page 256. The horsehead looks different than photos taken from Earth, which is only natural since it is taken in a different viewing position and distance. It appears they have abided by their general rule not to pre-empt our own discoveries. For instance with the Orion Nebula distance, they refer it as being 1800 light years from Earth according to our own 1975 estimates. Today the distance is estimated to be shorter, some say 1300 light years from Earth or thereabout.  But with their viewing position towards Horsehead nebula it is different. Here they have instead given their own measured distance as being 1810 light years from Earth. And from this distance, the Horsehead nebula is 200 light years away. Since some of our own estimates now are around 1600 light years to Horsehead Nebula, this goes to suggest that their viewing position when seen from Earth likely was behind the nebula rather than in front of it


Semjase adds they do not have to follow any certain staked out line when travelling like this. In hyperspace the locations can be randomly selected. They can jump sideways, forward, backwards etc. They can criss-cross space in any direction they like. In another words they do not need to follow a natural geographic rotation. 


Horsehead Nebula Bernard 33. From close up


Taken by Billy Meier through his camera from a distance 200 light years away.

He was onboard a Plejaran mothership with Ptaah and Semjase when he took this picture.

The mothership was in a position 1810 light years from Earth.


Horsehead Nebula Bernard 33. From Earth


Taken through a refractor telescope from Earth. By some estimate it is 1600 light years away


The Ring Nebula in Lyra M57

Following after Trifid Nebula, Ptaah makes it clear they are next steering towards a very special destination. Namely the Ring Nebula in Lyra. It is from this area in space we share our common ancestors with the Plejarans. It was from Lyra the early settlers on Erra came from. But the same Lyrians also branched out and settled other places in space, Earth being one of them. A colony of Lyrian immigrants settled here many thousands of years ago.


The dialogue goes as follows:



154. Then it should be like that; First, however, we want to head for some special destinations.

155. Once you have taken your photos here, then we jump towards JHWHMATA.


(Billy: My work does not occupy me for long, then we set out for a new hyper jump, and everything takes place in such a way which I already have gotten used to.This time I again observe the starry heavens, and I now suddenly see a gigantic picture: Gigantic it stares out in the darkness of space and is surrounded by countless of stars of all sizes similar to an eye coming  towards me. It may well be that it is very far away, but it can be seen very clear. An enormous eye which stares out in space; this can only be the JHWHMATA, <The eye of God>.)


Semjase. It is unmistakable, right?


Billy Yes, and it is gigantic.



210. I have already explained to you the origin and the circumstances behind its formation


Billy.  I know, everything is written down.



156. It is for us a symbol of thirst for power and imperiousness, a symbol of hatred, of destruction and the human insanity, because in contrast to other similar and natural formation of this kind, this is a work of man.


Billy I know, Semjase has explained everything to me. Here in this star region was the last original home of the early human races on Earth..



157. Yes – it was a very long time ago.

158. For the Earth humans it only represent a picture in the Universe, called the Ring Nebula, for us however it is of great importance.

159. Occupy yourself now, nevertheless, with your camera and keep to yourself for the next minutes.

160. We are now performing several more jumps, whereby you will always have 20 seconds of time in between each jump to take pictures.

161. However mark the chronological order of the destinations, for when you later perhaps want to label your pictures.

162. I will therefore give you the chronological order using Earth astronomical names

163. What you still can see from here over there above is called M 57 by you.

164. The next destinations now will be M 17, M 16, M 27, NGC 6781, NGC 7293 and NGC 7089.

165. The last two of these are both located, seen from Earth, in the constellation of Aquarius, and the latter is about 47 000 light years away from Earth

166.  As the last jump counts the travel to the Andromeda system, which is in a 2,2 million light years distance seen from Earth..

167. From there onwards we then set out for the great jump to the Universe barrier where we want to give you the 7-minutes-opportunity for purpose of the timeless.


(Ptaah again turns to his instruments and occupy himself with them together with Semjase. Again I experience different hyper jumps alternately, (occurring in a successive manner),varying star constellations and some other things. In between I occupied myself with taking photos and stare in wonder, whilst countless thoughts swirled around in my brain. Now, at the very end I am taking several pictures of new star constellations and whilst doing so Semjase again speaks to me.) 


From what Billy writes it would seem Semjase is also certified to take part in navigation of the mother ship, because he refer to her as always being busy working the instruments when they prepare for a hyper space jump. Nothing is said about what kind of position she is here filling in for. Her title is Elojschrisch, which means half Jschrisch, being a half rank held by the commander Ptaah. It is a title which not only require the person to have great knowledge in many subjects, but also to be very skilled. Semjase’s counterpart Asket whom they later meet in the DAL universe holds the position of being first-coordinator (in German Erst-Koordinatorin)on their mothership. A job which involves staking out the point of destination in space.



German original


154. Dann soll es so sein ; erst aber wollen wir noch einige spezielle Ziele ansteuern

155. Wenn du hier deine Aufnahmen gemacht hast, springen wir zum JHWHMATA.


(Meine Arbeit nimmt mich nicht lange in Anspruch, dann setzen wir zu einem neuen Hypersprung an, und alles vollzieht sich so, wie ich es bereits gewohnt bin.

Diesmal betrachte ich wieder den Sternenhimmel, und jetzt sehe ich plötzlich ein gigantisches Bild: Riesenhaft glotzt durch die Schwärze des Weltenraumes

und umgeben von unzähligen Sternen aller Grössen etwas wie ein Auge zu mir herein. Wohl ist es sehr weit weg, aber es ist sehr gut zu sehen: Ein riesenhaftes Auge, das durch den Weltenraum glotzt; nur das kann das JHWHMATA sein, das <Auge Gottes>.)


Semjase. Es ist unverkennbar, nicht wahr?


Billy Ja, und es ist gigantisch.



210. Den Ursprung und die Bewandtnis dieses Gebildes habe ich dir schon erklärt.


Billy Ich weiss, es ist ja alles aufgeschrieben.



156. Es ist für uns ein Symbol böser Machtgier und Herrschsucht, ein Symbol des Hasses, der Zerstörung und des Menschlichen Wahnsinns, da dieses im Gegensatz zu

       anderen gleichartigen und natuerlichen Gebilden Menschenwerk ist.


Billy Ich weiss, Semjase hat mir alles erklärt . Hier in diesem Sterngebiet war auch die letzte Urheimat der frühen erdenmenschlichen Rassen.



157. Ja – das war vor sehr langer Zeit

158. Dem Erdenmenschen bietet es jedoch nur ein Bild im Universum, genannt Ringnebel,  für uns aber ist es von sehr grosser Bedeutung.

159. Beschäftige dich nun jedoch mit deiner Apparatur und sei für die nächsten Minuten auf dich selbst gestelt.

160. Wir führen nun verschiedene weitere Sprünge aus, wobei du zwischen den einzelnen Sprüngen immer 20 Sekunden Zeit hast, um Bilder zu machen.

161. Merke dir aber die Reihenfolge der Ziele, wenn due später vielleicht deine Bilder beschriften willst.

162. Ich nenne dir daher die Reihenfolge nach irdischen astronomischen Bezeichnungen

163. Was du von hier aus noch dort droben siehst, das benennt ihr M 57.

164. Die nächsten Ziele nun sind M 17, M 16, M 27, NGC 6781, NGC 7293 und NGC 7089.

165. Diese beiden letzten befinden sich von der Erde aus gesehen im Sternbild des Wassermannes, und letzteres ist runde 47 000 Lichtjahre von der Erde entfernt.

166. Als letzter Sprung gilt die Reise dem Andromeda-System, das von der Erde aus gesehen in rund 2,2 Millionen Lichtjahren Entfernung ist.

167. Von dort aus setzen wir dann zum grossen Sprung an zur Universums-Barriere, wo wir dir die 7- Minuten-Gelegenheit für die Zeitlose geben wollen.


(Ptaah wendet sich wieder seinen Apparaturen zu und beschäftigt sich daran zusammen mit Semjase. Wieder erlebe ich abwechslungsweise verschiedene Hypersprünge, 

wechselnde Sternbilder und einige andere Dinge. Zwischendurch beschäftige ich mich mit Photographieren und Staunen, während unzählige Gedanken durch meine 

Gehirnwindungen jagen. Als letztes mache ich nun verschiedene Aufnahmen von neuen Sterngebilden, und dabei werde ich nun von Semjase wieder angesprochen.)



Our Milky Way galaxy taken from a large telescope on Earth.

The red dots are some of the famous Messier nebulas. The largest red object top left is the Lagoon Nebula M8. Just above it with a blue colour is the Trifid Nebula M20, both in Sagittarius. Trifid Nebula was the fifth travel destination on Billy Meier's space journey. Nebulas are stellar nurseries where stars are born, like our Sun. They make life possible on the planets circling around them. 


Human life in the Milky Way

From the Billy Meier contact notes:

There are a total of 570 billion suns in our Milky Way which has planets around them.  Out of which 7 million sun systems have planets where life exists. Life defined as being insects, fish, birds animals and further up the chain. This number includes moons where life exists.  In some systems there are large stars with equally large planets circling around them. The planets become far too big for life because of the heavy gravity large planet generates. Instead the moons circling around the planets offer the right conditions for life. Therefore the moons in these systems becomes inhabited instead, not the planets.  In the 7 million sun system which harbour any type of life, there exist 3.67 million human civilisations. Out of which 1,04 million are lover developed human civilisations and 2,63 million are higher developed human civilisations . This according to Quetzal.  Reference block 5 page 475 - Year 1989 


Human life in our Universe

From the Billy Meier contact notes:

The Plejaran extra-terrestrials are aware of about 1141 million human civilisations outside of the Milky way Galaxy. However our Universe is a big place. They have nowhere near discovered all of them. Their scientists (on Erra) estimate there to be a total of about 6000 to 7000 billion human civilisations in our space-time-configuration of the Universe as a whole. That is counting both lower and higher developed human civilisations. But that is only within our material dimension of the Universe. The dimension Earth is in. This according to Quetzal. Reference Block 5 page 475 - Year 1989


The Lyrian races. Alena and Menara


My understanding is that the Lyrians who are members of the Plejaran federation today are not from the societies or planets which Ptaah refer to above from which the emigration in very ancient times took place to the Pleiades, to Earth and other destinations in space.  Furthermor the Lyrians being member of the Plejaran federation today are divided into two different groups; The Lyrians and the Vegans. This despite both groups recide within the borders of what we define as being the Lyra star constellation in our night sky. At least two reasons exist for why they are grouped separately. One is distance. The central star Vega, also called Alpha Lyrae is only a distance of 25 light years from Earth as opposed to the central object in what is being referred to as the Lyra system of planets which is Ring Nebula and by some estimate lays 2300 light years from Earth. This means the Vegans live a lot closer to Earth than the Lyrians. The second difference is the skin colour

The lyrians have a light brown skin colour whilst the Vegans has a very dark skin colour.


The Vegans


She first appeared as a stand in for Semjase when she had to return back to Erra for a certain period of time. She comes from the planet DERON in Vega. Exact location not given.  When Billy asked her if there was any link between her race and our races on the African continent such as the hottentotts she gave gave the answer that this indeed was the case. Infact here race has its origin from Earth going back to very ancient times. Her forefather mingled then with Earth people and created a race which in the contact notes is referred to as the Hun tribe (Germ. Stämme der Hunnen). Later this tribe mingled with negroid races on the African continent for a short time. From that several new tribes were created, one of them and after a long time had passed by, became the hottentotts. But one other race created out from the mingling hooked up with their later forefathers and created their current race which is why her race now has negroid characteristics which includes a very dark deep brown coloured skin.


When she together with Alena visited the Center 6th of July 1977 she told Billy her ship was parked in an invisible suspended state 27 meters above them. They had invented the shielding technology some 43000 years ago. When Billy asked her why his dog was not barking, since her ship was so close, she told him that her ship was not a beam ship. It did not radiate any rays or frequencies which animals would react to. Instead her ship was fitted with a compression aggregate. Thus its propulsion was created through densification and ejection of highly compressed atmospheric gases. It was furthermore not fitted with propulsion for travel in space. Thus indicating it was dispatched from an underground base rather than a mothership. Because a mothership, at least the large Plejaran type, require a security distance to a planet which means that any unit dispatched from it needs to be fitted with propulsion drive for travel in space. It further sounds this ship was specially build for research purpose of animal life, hence the special propulsion which would not disrupt animals.


The Lyrians


She has a ligh brown skin. More of a Mediterranean look. Something which can also bee seen from the tiny part of her face still showing on one of the photos Billy took of her. She did not want her face to be recognized which is why Billy had to delete it from all the photos he took of her with the ray gun. Main reason given on other occations is that they at times mingle with us in our villages and cities. Thus it would pose a security risk for them to have their face displayed on a photo as they could be recognized. Alena comes from the planet SATER which is about 33 pct smaller than Earth. The planet is 157,3 million kilometres away from its central sun located in the Lyra star constellation, but in another space-time configuration. Alena is 148 centimtres tall.


Left: Alena from the Lyra star Constellation.

She brought with a ray gun for demonstration purpose. It has two settings. It can be used as a stun gun which gives an anaesthetic effect or it can be used for elimination purpose. In which case it produces a type of combustion laser ray unknown to us which burns everything in its way to a distance of 37.2 kilometres. Wendelle Stevens and his investigation team wrote the following about the laser pistol:

“…we had already been to every toy supplier in Switzerland and failed to find any toy weapon anything like the laser pistol Meier photographed. A search of sporting goods stores was equally fruitless. To this day we have never found a match for that laser pistol."


Their characters and handwriting


The conversation on board the mother ship now turns to their written language. Semjase explain that the characters they use today are 11 000 years old. They inherited them from those of their forefathers who at that time lived here on Earth. It was the scientists among them who constructed the characters out from star constellations visible from Earth. They took certain star constellations and drew lines in-between the stars. From this a variety of shapes appeared which became used as characters. This is the reason why their written language consists of small circles and lines. The circles represent stars and the lines represent the route between them. These characters were also adopted by people on Earth from their forefathers. But were in use only for a few hundred years here and over time underwent multiple changes. Today, according to Semjase, only a few written languages on Earth contain characters in them which are leading back to their language, but these characters are now all modified and obliterated.


Billy then expressed a wish to Semjase. He asked her if she could write a few lines to the group. Semjase asked for which purpose it should serve because she did not see it as being necessary. She said they use other letters in their writing and she did not feel confident in handwriting German. Meier replied that the members in the group would appreciate to read a few lines from her. He further said that he would help her if she got stuck. Semjase then agreed to write a few lines. She was given a piece of paper and a pen by Billy. She had to juggle between the Plejaran alphabet and the German alphabet. The letter can be viewed in Block 1 page 262 and 263 and it is a photocopy of the original.


The handwriting is feminine and one of the details which stand out is the letter F which she seems to struggle with as in all the words with this letter in them. Her f looks like a capital F instead of a lower case f which it should be. In fact this capital F is a bit bent over and dips lower than the other letters on the line and this makes the F stand out with a distinct runic look. In other words, it looks as if it has been extracted from some sort of old type runic alphabet. Also Semjase, although looking young, is a whole lot older than any Earth humans alive. It would therefore be logical that she learned German a long time ago. And in fact this is reflected in her writing style and her choice of German words and phrases. The letter is written in a rather old and conservative style.


Left: This is an excerpt of the letter Semjase wrote to the group in Switzerland after a request by Billy.

It is clear she found some of the letters in our alphabet difficult to write.

For English text of the letter go to Semjase  and scroll down





The 8000 year old Lyrian writing.


In contact 117 held in November 1978 Billy shows Ptaah some photos he has received from abroad. The information Billy has received is that theses photos are taken in a private museum by a man who pinched some scrolls in an ancient grave somewhere in Egypt. Billy says he has also kept the film sent with photos. He then asks Ptaah what he thinks about them.

Ptaah study the photos and sticks them into an apparatus which looks like a monitor. He then speaks some words into this apparatus which Billy does not understand. He tells Billy that i a few minutes they will have an analysis which will tell them if the photos are real, if it they are new or old or if they are falsified or genuine. However he comments to Billy that he should be familiar with this type of writing.  Billy says he is familiar with it because both Sfath and Asket made effort to teach him this language. It deals in this respect with the old Lyrian language which is quite similar to the German language in many values. For example the sentence position and many other things such as the flow of the sentences .  Billy says he has problems to speak the Lyrian language, but to some degree he is able to translate it. Ptaah tells him he should freshen up his Lyrian language because it is still  in use on some planets so perhaps he one day can put it to use. Billy says that he has had enough problems with relearning the alphabet and doing simple translations and beside he does not see it as the most pressing thing because the language was last spoken on Earth about 8000 years ago. Wherefore there are no one on Earth who can speak it now. Ptaah then receives the test result from the apparatus. He says the prints are taken from originals. It shows the material photocopied is 8000 years old. It further deals with a paper like material which has all characteristics of papers but is a lot more durable. It is from the old descendants of the Lyrians who were the last ones to arrive on Earth.  Ptaah tells Billy it means that this man infact is in possession of the 8000 year old originals. Billy says he was not given the name of this person nor where he lived.



The closest Inhabited Planet from Earth  


The conversation turns to where the closest inhabited planet from Earth is located.  This is the information Billy is given:


The closest inhabited planet from Earth Is called Planet AKART. It is one out of several inhabited planets in a star system about 5 light years from Earth. Planet AKART is located in Alfa Centauri in another Space-time-Configuration. It is therefore not possible to see the planet since it is not located in our dimension. The humans living there are a few years ahead of us in their evolution. That goes both for the consciousness evolution as well as technical evolution.  In sum one of the races there are about 217 years ahead of us in their overall evolution. They have reached a stage where they are able to undertake basic space flights, and they also visit Earth. Their space flights however have limitation in that it is dependent upon a set of intermediate stations in space. They cannot fly the 5 light year distance to Earth in one stretch. They need to stop at these support stations. The size of planet AKART is about the same size as Earth. The planet had as per 1975 an extreme overpopulation with a total of 23 billion people living there. That is the reason why people of planet AKART often visit Earth in order to collect plants, vegetables, plant seedlings and seeds back to AKART grow and cultivate there.  


Earth is not the only planet where the people on Akart visit. They also visit other planets in order to collect food. Their form of government is what we would describe as being a dictatorship. But it works for them. Their biggest problem is the overpopulation which they can only solve by emigration to uninhabited planets elsewhere. Currently their technology, in particular their gyroscopic technology (Kreiseltechnik) is not developed advanced enough to undertake such an emigration. It will be some time before they reach a technological stage required to undertake such an emigration of their population. There are other extra-terrestrial races from their system that also travels to Earth. These other races from that system come here by entering through an old dimension door. These races are not willing, however to lend technical know-how to these people on planet AKART because they have not yet reached a mature enough stage where they can be entrusted with more advanced technology.


The book UFO contact from Planet AKART is about the Arthur Berlet case. It is a UFO case in Brazil. In contact 38 13Nov 1975 Semjase defines this case as being a real vision contact. By real vision she means it was a controlled vision. She says many ET races have the means to do it. The targeted person, whom the vision is directed at, will find it so realistic that he/she will think it is a real event taking place and not a vision. 

References:  Block 1 page 451-452 and 497


Proxima Centauri. The letter from Horst Fenner Trinidad 1976

In contact 60 held the 8th of July1976, the conversation turns to a letter Meier and the group  received in the mail. The person who wrote the letter was a German back packer named Horst Fenner. He wrote that he met two extra-terrestrials whilst on a back pack trip Trinidad, Bolivia He also made a drawing of them which he enclosed with the letter. Both the extraterrestrials had a human look and told him they came from region of Proxima Centauri. They told their names were ATHAR and KOHUN. He also saw their beam ship howering just above the ground behind them. Semjase then told Meier that they were both dear friends of her. She verified they came from  the Proxima Centauri area . She knew other people living over there beside them. She furthermore said  that there are several inhabitated planets in that area, but in those systems the inhabited planets are all located in  another space-time-configuration. References: Block 2 page page 277






The central Sun in our galaxy (An artist's impression)


From the Billy Meier contact notes:

In the centre of our galaxy, The Milky Way Galaxy, there is a central sun. It is located 57 000 light years away from Earth. The central sun has an outer layer where a state of disorderly stormy condition exists where wild particles, gasses and electrons etc. seethe. But in the very centre of this central sun there is a black hole where atoms etc. are constantly being split and compounds created in enormous masses which get spiralled towards the outer layer of this central sun and discharged there. And from this, around itself rotating blaze, singular cloud formations and spherical formations are being formed. These become separated in clusters where the larger spherical formations develop into suns. Formations with insufficient mass become failed suns and turns into gas planets.  Jupiter and Saturn are two examples of failed suns according to Semjase. Reference Block 1 (2001) page 388  - Year of contact 1975.  (The existence of the black hole in the Milky Way galaxy centre was scientifically confirmed in 2008 after a 16-year study (BBC news).



The Universe barrier


After the last destination in our Universe has been visited, they are heading for our sister universe.  They now need to pass through the universe barrier which seperate the two universes. To reach the Universe barrier they first need to leave the material belt of our Universe and pass through three belts of empty spaces. Also here the distances across are billions of light years. So from the material belt they pass through the transformation belt, the creation belt and the displacement belt before they arrive at the barrier. This is where our universe stops. Adjacent to it is our sister universe, the so called DAL universe. At a designated point on this barrier the mothership generates a tunnel which reaches into the adjacent universe.  It passes then through it. Billy describes the generated tunnel as a fantastic colourful appearance. He is informed that its diameter is 170 km and it has a length of 7103 billion km. They will remain in the same time and same space dimension they are in when passing through and arriving at the other side. When they are through, they need to stay on the other side for 50 minutes in order to close it systematically. This is done automatic, through an  computer-automated process. It is a procedure they need to follow in order not to put the barrier under too much stress and not to overload it. If they were to collapse the tunnel all at once, bypassing the systematic procedure of closing it, the outcome could be catastrophic.


The DAL Mothership. Asket and Nera


The first thing that catches Billy’s eyes on the other side of the Universe barrier is a space ship hanging in the dark space with stars shining in the background. The space ship he is told is their destination. So they are now inside the DAL Universe. Their mothership moves towards and close up to it. Ptaah tells Billy that he and Semjase are to board the space ship they see ahead.  Semjase takes Billy’s hand and leads him to some type of a metallic cupboard beside the horseshoe formed control and navigation room. There is no door in it; instead there is a one meter in diameter hole in the floor which is lit up by a blue shimmering light. A shaft with no bottom in sight goes down from this hole. Semjase tells Billy to jump into the hole. When he does he almost hangs in the air at first but then slowly starts gliding down the shaft. He then falls with accelerating speed. He looks up and sees Semjase coming after him the same way. Falling in the air like himself. The next thing he notices is that the speed again slows. He is falling slower and when he looks down he sees a floor under him. He lands on it. As he stands on this floor and looks around he notices beam ships all around him. 


They have arrived back in the hangar. Meaning they have travelled the same distance, down this shaft as they did when they travelled up, but then in a vehicle. Together with Semjase he walks towards her beam ship. They now leave the mothership the same way they entered onboard Semjase’s beam ship. Billy sees the massive door leading out to space open up. They fly through and are again in space. They are now heading towards the DAL space ship which is only a few hounded meters away from them. A space ship Billy describes as looking huge. As with the giant they just departed this ship also has a lock type system they now enter. But it is smaller in size than the mothership they departed from. When they arrive inside,  Billy notices the opening behind them is closing. Everything now happens in quick succession and they shortly arrive inside a small hall. But with no other space ships around them, only theirs is there. The walls are metallic and light emitting. He walks out of the beamship with Semjase who heads towards a wall on the right hand side in this hangar. When they walk closer to this wall a door suddenly opens up. They walk through it and it closes automatically behind them. The room they now enter looks pleasant. It has sitting arrangements which looks comfortable and other arrangements which looks to serve the purpose of being tables.



When Billy looks further around in the room he notices a person standing there. A person he recognizes. It is Asket. For those who do not know who Asket is, she was in charge of Billy as his extraterrestrial guide in the eleven year period from 1953 to 1964. Before Semjase took over and was in charge another eleven years from 1975 to 1986. It was under Asket’s supervision he, together with Isa Rashid discovered and entered the tomb where Jmmanuel for three days was laid to rest and where they found the scrolls. That was in 1963 in Jerusalem. It was furthermore under Asket’s supervision that he the following year spent time at Ashoka Ashram near New Dehli. The UN diplomat Phobol Cheng came forward in 1999 at the Laughlin UFO conference as a very credible witness.  She confirmed she was there, young at the time, when she witnessed Asket accompanying Meier at the Ashram. The researcher on the spiritual side of the Meier case as well as being Meier’s Swiss media representative, Mr Hans Georg Lanzendorfer wrote in chapter 20 of  his book “Teaching and Announcer of Truth / Lehre und Künder der Wahreit “  the following quote


Furthermore  Phobol Cheng also confirmed <Billys> claim, that during his stay in India several people in Ashoka Ashram had come to witnesses the encounters of his contacts with the extra-terrestrial Asket and her space ship. The witness P. Cheng had with her own eyes seen, how he accompanied by a young woman with long brown hair dressed in a space suit, was walking over the grounds of the Ashrams. For the people at Ashoka Ashram this was said to have become a matter of fact taken for granted. Unquote 


German original

Im weiteren bestätigte Phobol Cheng auch <Billys> Aussagen, dass während seines Aufenhaltes in Indien viele Menschen im Ashoka Ashram Zeugen der Begegnungen seiner Kontakte mit der Ausserirdischen Asket und ihrem Raumschiff geworden waren. Die Zeugin P. Cheng hatte mit eigenen Augen gesehen, wie er in Begleitung einer jungen Frau mit langen braunen Haaren, die in einen Raumanzug gekleidet war, über das Gelände des Ashrams spazierte. Für die Menschen im Ashoka Ashram soll dies eine Selbstverständlichkeit gewesen sein.


Billy goes on to describe the emotions he felt when he saw Asket standing there as many years had obviously gone past since he last saw her. Asket warmly greeted him. Billy writes her looks was the same as before. She pointed to his arm and said she was sorry to see that he has lost his left arm and she asks him why he has not sought help to get it corrected. She tells him she can, if he like, get him made a half organic arm which will fully replace his lost arm. Billy thanks Asket for her kind offer, but politely denies it. He is already become used to living with only one arm. Besides, he is concerned such an arm could cause him more harm than good. In part, because coming back to Earth with a prosthesis like that, made with extraterrestrial technology inside, would likely mean governments would want to pick it apart to get hold of its technological secrets. He did not want to be responsible for potentially releasing dangerously advanced technology which could be misused. Asket understands his reasoning and agrees.



A door opens up and through it comes another woman into the room. Asket presents her as Nera, her deputy. Billy shakes her hand and ask her what kind of things she does when she is acting in for Asket. She says she is the second coordinator (Zweit-Koordinatorin). Billy asks if that has to do with point navigation in space or similar. Semjase answers here that it is correct. And Asket, she is the first coordinator (Erst-Koordinatorin) . The commander of the space ships is a man. His name is Stalor. They are not going to meet him and they will only remain in the room they are in until they leave. Billy asks why so many women seem to have high positions in their society and are told they are practicing equal rights between men and women.


The time capsule

Semjase and Asket now leave the room. Billy are told they went to Semjase’s beam ship to pick up the cylinder, the time projectile which she dug up in Zahedan when she had the encounter with Elsa Schröder. The projectile belongs to them. Nera tells Billy that for nine years they have been researching a new time travel technology for transport over enormous distances and to other universes without having to open up the barrier which exists in between them. It was for this purpose they had developed the spiral formed time capsule which they at present only are testing from a Universe in the present time to another universe also in the present time, thus referring to from their universe to ours.  Nera furthermore said that Semjase understood quite well how this technology worked and she participated in with them in their project which is why they selected Earth as test destination for the projectile they dispatched. That was three years ago. The reason  they did not find it straight away was due to an error in the time calculation. The cylinder therefore landed several thousand kilometers east of its intended destination. It was first recently they discovered this error. When corrected they were able to pinpoint the actual location where it landed. The place where Semjase dug it up. In the conversation it furthermore revealed that they ventured over to Dal universe for only two reasons, first and foremost so that Billy could meet Asket and secondly to bring them back their test time capsule.


The Asket and Nera photos 

Nera tells Billy that she also spent time on Earth, but that was a while back. Billy then ask if she or Asket plan to return back to Earth so he can see them again. The answer to that is negative. They do not plan to return back in his lifetime. But they will return back to Earth at a much later time. Long after he is dead. The reason why they will return back then, in the distant future , has to do with the evolution on Earth. It is here Meier ask if it is possible to take a picture of both Asket and Nera. Asket see no problem in that. She explains in that in regards to Semjase , as Billy already knows, a picture of her would jeopardize her security as she is still on active duty on Earth, and will remain so for the next decade or more. But as to themselves, Asket sees no problems since they are not returning to Earth in the near future. She raises two concerns though. One is about the quality of the pictures due to energy radiation problems which has affected his film in the past. The other being the fact that every human have a double somewhere. A person with a near identical look. But Billy takes the pictures of them anyway. He writes that as opposed to Semjase who had her space suit on, Asket and Nera wore normal clothes.

The discussion onboard continues. Several more issues are being brought up. This goes over more than 10 A4 pages in length. It is followed by about 50 A4 pages of declarations and contact notes from the period Asket was in charge, 1953 to 1964.


Kartag. The planet at war.


After their visit onboard the DAL spaceship ended, they returned through the Universe barrier and ventured back into our universe again. Now, on the return leg of the space journey, they have a different agenda planned. Billy is now to be shown a range of different planets. All of them being in different stages of evolution. The central message here is that what has taken place on Earth throughout the times by no means is unique in the universe. Billy asks the question if planets exist which have a human population being on a similar level as people on Earth. Ptaah answers that parallels can be found everywhere. Planets do exist which are very similar to Earth, where humans live a similar life and are on a similar evolutionary stage as humans here. One such planet exist in a galaxy they call ARATOM. The name of the planet there is Kartag. It is 8 billion light years from Earth. It is a planet where the humans who lives there are at war. They are at war with each other. They now undertake a hyperspace jump and arrive in the solar system where the planet is located. Billy is told to go with Semjase in her beam ship. He will now be given the opportunity to view the planet from close up.


Over Kartag with Semjase

Onboard the beamship with Semjase Billy ask her why, since the inhabitants on the planets are supposed to be a bit more developed than people on earth, can no planes can be spotted in the airspace around them. He further asks since they throw atomic bombs on each other, would it not be logical they would need planes to deliver them? Semjase answer he is wrong. Their aircraft are not similar to airplanes on Earth. They are more like beam ships. They do not load up the atomic bomb in their flying devices. Instead they use rockets. They shoot the atomic missile  out in space by the use of rockets. The rockets they use resemble those on Earth used to send satellites up in orbit. Only that the technology and type of propulsion in their rockets are of a different kind. Semjase now ask Billy to take a look on the ships viewing screens. She tells him to look over at the city, where an atomic projectile can be seen falling down over it. The bomb will destroy the city when it explodes. Semjase further says that the inhabitants in the city have already evacuated and are in an underground city. A city built for security purpose. Billy makes his camera ready. Their beam ship is 35 kilometers away. Semjase tells him that when the bomb goes off, they need to move quickly away. The bomb is a lot stronger than the ones developed on Earth. Billy is able to take two pictures of the bomb just after explodes. Next thing he notices is that the ship gets slung away while Semjase quickly takes control over the instruments. Billy describes the explosion as intense. The typical atomic cloud formation appears. It can be seen on one of the photos Billy took of the explosion. It is printed in Block 1 page 431. 


An atomic  missile goes astray  in space

As Billy looks at the growing mushroom, Semjase calls his attention towards another atomic missile visible on the viewing screens. This one goes the opposite direction. It goes from the city where the atomic bomb just exploded and up. Semjase tells Billy that this missile is out of control. It continues on its trajectory out in space where it is supposed to alter course and home in on an enemy target on the planet. Billy here comments that it is probably because the city is destructed that no longer is guided and instead continues out in space. Semjase agrees and says it has to be destroyed as it potentially could cause a catastrophic damage should it hit a star or a planet .  Billy asks Semjase if she is going to chase after it with her beamship then, but she says her father will take care of it from the mothership. She is going to show Billy how it’s done. Billy next observes how their beamship in lightning speed shoot upwards and out in space. Soon he sees the gigantic mothership approaching towards them. Semjase slows down and enter a hold position not far from the mothership. She says her father have located the atomic missile and is now going to destroy it. She points to a certain section on the mothership and tells Billy that that is where the energy emitter, or in Billy’s own language, the energy canon sits. From there a very potent type of energy goes out which through another type of energy is being compressed into a block.


The compressed energy block is then being guided towards the atomic missile. This is now happening. They are watching it take place. Billy sees the explosion happening after the missile has been hit. He takes two photos of the explosion. Both are printed in block 1 on page 432.  The explosion happens 400 kilometers away from them. Billy wonders why the explosion looks different in space.  Semjase explain it is due to the atmospheric layers on the planet as opposed to in space. In the conducting atmospheric layers on the planet the mushroom cloud expands.  As opposed to in space, where the atomic explosion they watched did not last long, but fizzled out after a few seconds because no such conductive layers were there present. Semjase explains that only the instantaneous released energy became visible. This energy then immediately and with extreme speed dissipated into the empty space around. But she says this energy acted different to the energy released from the mothership. Here Semjase explains that it was a special form of concentrated energy the mothership utilized. It was released under guidance. It was being controlled and thus kept its form.  As opposed to the released energy from the explosion which was not conducted or steered, whereby only the power from the elementary forces became visible.  It was the reason why Billy only saw the atomic fire for a few seconds before it disappeared. 


Intervention from outside.

When Billy brings up the question why they could not prevent the atomic war from happening in the first place, the answer he gets goes like this. They have no authority to intervene because it is a solar system which is not under their control. It is under control of another highly developed life form. This goes to suggest that space is divided into sectors, each controlled by the highest developed life form residing within each of them. This higher authority, which the humans on Kartag lay under, is already working to avert a catastrophe.  And the humans on Kartag have now arrived at a turning point. They are at the end of the atomic age. Although they still kill each other with atomic bombs, this will not last for much longer. According to probability, in less than ten days the war will come to an end. They will then toe in line and accept the regulations of the controlling intelligences.  The Kartagians are more advanced than Earth humans. They are going through the last steps of irrationality. Which of course is good. But they must still walk their own road of evolution. Because any meddling from outside are only in very few cases advisable. Even if it means they maintain their ability to kill a lot of human lives. An intervention may only follow when it is clear that a catastrophe looms with will cause wider ramification, reaching outside of their planet. Meaning the inhabitants may completely destroy their own planet so long as it does not endanger other solar systems or part of the galaxy they are in. Every life form has to go the road of its own evolution. Even if this in certain ways causes his own self destruction. It is a law of nature that what has become degenerated through noncompliance with the laws will annihilates itself so it can not endanger the good life in existence.


Prophecies and predictions


Prophesies  - It may or may not happen. It is depending on actions taken. Prophesies are often issued to serve as warning signs. For this reason they often deal with negative events. They often warn of that a certain negative event or events will happen unless course is changed.


Predictions – It will happen without fail. It is set in stone.



Example of prophesies


World war 3

Those who have been following the Meier case are well aware of that Billy Meier on a regular basis has given prophesy updates for the years ahead when world war 3 has the potential to break out. Issued to serve as a warning sign. There has been years mentioned in the 1980’s, the 90’s the decade of 2000 and the decade we are now in, meaning the decade starting 2010. These updates have been consistent. It should be noted that the decade we are currently in, is the first decade Billy Meier has issued World war 3 prophesy for consecutive years (aufeinanderfolgende Jahre). That has never happened before. In decades gone past he has only issued prophesy for a single year, never consecutive years. Thus it would seem to indicate that the time period we are currently in, 2011, is particularly fluid. It may only take a spark, or a wrong decision by someone with great power to start a chain reaction of events which could lead to the great disaster unfolding. Like the two bullets fired in Sarajevo in 1914 which set in motion a series of events leading to World War 1. Here are three updates given by Billy (My translation above the German original)


2003 update


From the internal magazine Stimme der Wassermannzeit December 2003

Part quote from the article titled:  A word about “Wold War three” by Billy Meier


There is actually no third world war predicted, because solely prophesies speak of that this possibility could turn into reality in the years 2003, 2006, 2010 and 2011 and also in later years if humans continue to pursue war on a military, political and religious basis and not letting reason prevail and letting those who holds power within religion and Government  continue to muddle on, and the idiots and stupid ones amongst the people let themselves be stirred up by these irresponsible and criminal elements.


German original

Stimme der Wassermannzeit Dezember 2003

Ein Wort zu <Dritter Weltkrieg>   von Billy Meier (Teil Zitat )


Es ist tatsächlich kein Dritter Weltkrieg vorausgesagt, den einzig und allein sprechen Prophetien davon, dass ein solcher Möglichkeit werden könnte in den Jahren 2003, 2006, 2010 und 2011 und auch noch in späteren Jahren, wenn der Mensch weiterhin auf militärischer, politischer und religiöser Basis auf Kriegskurs dahinläuft und keine Vernuft walten und die Mäcthigen der Religionen und Staaten weiterwursteln und die Dummen und Dämlichen des Volkes durch diese verantwortungslosen und verbrecherischen Elemente aufwiegeln lasst.


2004 update


In this update Billy add the year 2012,  which means he is now stating three consecutive years, 2010, 2011 and 2012. He is also pointing to overpopulation as being the root cause of all problems. Also note the population figure he is here using is the figure he received from the Plejaran extraterrestrials. It is higher than what we officially estimate. They say it is due to our incorrect population figures in many third world countries.  The conversation goes as follows:


With reference to Block 19 Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte Dreihundersiebenundsechzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 9. September 2004 22.37 h. page 3748 This contact later became incorporated in Plejadisch-plejarisch Kontaktberichte Block 9. The text there is identical.



25. That is correct.



The greatest evil, the worst of them all, is the massive overpopulation with which nature as a whole no longer can cope, because it is forming the factor for that nature and the whole environment as well as the planet itself is being more and more destroyed and more and more life forms from nature disappear – because they through poison and in the hunt for profit etc. are being are exterminated. The massive amount of people, presently at 7.5 billions, as per the population figures you just recently gave, exploits all the resources of the Earth, and in fact a lot worse than what has been  suggested up until now. Thus the resources have already dwindled in such a massive amount that soon nothing more exists. Also the pollution of the atmosphere and plants of all types through combustion burning of fossil and non renewable fuels has gotten to such an extent out of hand that the damages wrought on the nature as a whole no longer can be rectified in adequate time.


In some cases nature would need many hundreds and in others even thousands of years to rectify the damages, whereby also humans ought to assist with effective measures. For this evil as a whole is the huge and constantly growing overpopulation solely to be blamed, due to which more and more fertile land is becoming destroyed, houses and factories built, fertile land bricked up, tarred over and concreted over. Of which the responsible of the government speak just as little about as the scientists and the people , because first of all everything is deliberately hushed up, secondly many are uncaring or aimed only on profit, and thirdly there are very many people too silly and stupid to recognize the effective truth.


That however results in, that the total destruction of Earth and of its life by humans is irresponsibly carried on. This also means that the drinking water and food in the third world countries become increasingly scarce, new diseases and epidemics emerge, the Earth rebels with storms, volcano eruptions and earthquakes, the criminality and wrongdoing gets further out of control and further wars are fought. However, it also means that the majority of Earth humanity becomes even more dumbed down and made more stupid, something which in turn result in that more and more and more frequent are incapable creatures elected to government and put in power, who cheat the people, betray the land, who exercise malevolent power and evil enforcement and by huge and always new taxes exploit people, in particular that part of the people who must earn their living through sweat in their face the hard way.


As far as I am concerned I see it unfortunately as such,  that this whole crazy madness of Earth people cannot be stopped and that all shouting against the insanity fade away in the desert. It is probably heard, but it goes in one ear and right out the other. It is exactly like when one speak through a tube. There will probably be an end, but only when everything is beyond saving and the collapse no longer can be stopped.


In my opinion, the third world fire has already been in full swing for a long time, it is just that it

appears different  to a real world war,  which nevertheless under circumstances still sooner or later can be triggered by the insane  people in government, if people in all countries do not finally come to reason and relieve the maniacs of their government power and create peace.


Still threaten the years 2006, 2010, 2011 and 2012 in their progression where worldwide war could be triggered, yet I always nourish the thought that due to some circumstances the whole thing can still straighten itself out and such a war can be avoided.Up until now it has, in this respect fortunately worked out well over the decades, apart from the singular war mobs around the world who have brought a lot of grief, misery and destruction because power-hungry and crazy powerful people in Government put their might into play, such as for example especially the powerful figures of the USA, Israel, Palestine and Sudan.  


Maybe there is, at least in Palestine, going to be a somewhat more moderate politics when next November Jassir Arafat bites the dust as Quetzal told me in the eighties. However, that beside there are still a lot of smaller herds all around the world in where civil wars etc. dominate and death, misery, depravation and destruction are spreading. Also the worldwide terrorism’s should not be forgotten in this respect, which is exactly as bad as the wars and civil wars being fought which ultimately are no different to sheer terror.


When I think of the US-president George W. Bush who is a terrorcrat, I become sick in the stomach. When he, as Quetzal already told me more than 15 years ago, surely enough in November again, and for the second time is elected into power, people on Earth are again in store for still some bad and great evil whereby it then could perhaps in 2006 nevertheless still come to a worldwide war confrontation. To that is to be hoped, nevertheless, that everything still straightens itself out and the US-American terrorcracy suffers such an immense setback that everything restrains itself somewhat. As long that is not the case, however, the whole terror around the world will continue and still lead Earth’s humanity into very bad events.



26. Your words in the Earth humans ear, because it state the horror of what is actually given by

       the overpopulation and the United States and what will further result.



German original


25. Das is richtig.



Das allergrösste Übel, voraus alles entsteht, ist dabei die gewaltige Überbevölkerung, die durch die gesamte Natur nicht mehr verkraftet werden kann, den diese bildet den Faktor dafür, dass die Natur und die ganze Umwelt sowie der Planet selbst immer mehr zerstört  werden und immer mehr Lebensformen aus der Natur verschwinden – weil sie durch Gifte und Profitjagd usw. Ausgerottet werden. Die gigantische Masse Menschheit von gegenwärtig 7,5 Milliarden, wie du die Bevölkerungszahl kürzlich nanntest, beutet alle Ressourcen der Erde aus, und zwar sehr viel schlimmer, als bisher behauptet wurde. So sind die Ressourcen bereits derart sehr viel gewaltiger geschwunden, dass bald nichts mehr vorhanden ist. Auch die Verschmutzung der Atmosphäre und der Pflanzen aller Art durch Emissionen durch das Verbrennen von fossilen und nicht wieder erneuerbaren Energiträgeren hat derart  überhandgenommen, das der angerichtete Schaden an der gesamten Natur nicht mehr in zweckdienlicher Zeit behoben werden kann.


Teilweise bedürfte die Natur für die Behebung der Schäden viele Hunderte und teilweise gar Tausende von Jahren, wobei auch der Mensch mit greifenden Massnahmen mithelfen müsste. Am ganzen Übel ist einzig und allein die gewaltige und stetig weiterwachsende Überbevölkerung schuld, für die immer mehr Land zerstört, Häuser und Fabriken gebaut, fruchtbarer Boden vermauert, zugeteert und zubetoniert wird. Davon aber reden die Verantwortlichen der Regierungen ebensowenig wie auch nicht die Wissenschaftler und das Volk, denn erstens wird bewusst alles totgeschwiegen, zweitens sind viele gleichgültig oder nur auf Profit ausgerichtet,  und drittens sind ungeheuer viele Menschen zu dumm und dämlich , um die effective wahrheit zu erkennen.


Das aber führt dazu, dass die gesamte Zerstoerung der Erde und des Lebens durch den Menschen verantwortungslos weitergetrieben wird. Das bedeutet auch, dass das Trinkwasser und die Nahrungsmittel in den Drittweltländern immer knapper werden, neue Krankheiten und Seuchen in Erscheinung treten, die Erde sich mit Unwettern, Vulkanausbrüchen und Erdbeben aufbäumt, die Kriminalität  und das Verbrechen weiter überhandnehmen und weiter Kriege geführt werden. Es bedeutet aber auch, dass das Gros der irdischen Menschheit immer mehr verdummt und verdämlich, was widerum dazu führt,

dass immer mehr und immer häufiger unfähige Kreaturen in die Regierungen gewählt und an die Macht gesetzt werden, die das Volk betrügen, das Land verraten, böse Macht und bösen Zwang ausüben und durch immense und immer neue Steuern das Volk ausbeuten, insbesondere jenen Teil des Volkes, der hart und im Schweisse des Angesichtes sauer den Lebensunterhalt verdienen muss.


Meinerseits sehe ich es leider so, dass die ganze Irrwitz der Erdenmenschen nicht gestoppt werden kann und dass alles Rufen gegen den Wahnsinn in der Wüste verhallt. Es wird wohl gehört, doch es geht beim einen Ohr hinein und beim andern wieder hinaus. Es ist exakt so, wie wenn man durch ein Röhre hindurchspricht. Ein Ende wird es wohl erst dann geben, wenn überhaupt nichts mehr zu retten und der Untergang nicht mehr aufzuhalten ist. Meines Erachtens ist der dritte Weltenbrand schon seit langer Zeit in vollem Gange, nur dass dieser eben anders aussieht als ein eigentlicher Weltkrieg, den wahnsinnige staatsmächtigen unter Umständen früher oder später doch noch auslösen können, wenn die Völker aller Länder nicht endlich zur Vernuft kommen und die Wahnsinnigen ihrer Staatsmacht entheben und Frieden schaffen.


Noch drohen ja die Jahre 2006, 2010, 2011 und 2012, in deren Verlauf weltweite Kriegshandlungen ausgelöst werden könnten, doch hege ich immer den Gedanken, dass durch irgendwelche Umstände sich das Ganze doch noch einrenken und solche Kriegsgeschehen vermieden werden können. Bisher hat es diesbezüglich über die verflossenen Jahrzehnte hinweg erfreulicherweise ja geklappt, wenn davon abgesehen wird, dass einzelne Kriegsherde rund um die Welt viel Leid, Not und Zerstörung  brachten, weil machtgierige und verrückte Staatsmächtige  ihre Gewalt wirken liessen, wie z.B. besonders die Mächtigen der USA, Israels, Palästinas und des Sudan.


 Vielleicht gibt es ja zumindest in Palästina eine etwas gemässigtere Politik, wenn im kommenden November Jassir Arafat das Zeitliche segnet, wie Quetzal in den Achtzigerjahrne sagte. Danebst sind aber noch viele kleinere Herde rund um die Welt, wo Bürgerkriege usw. Herrschen und Tod, Not, Verderben und Zerstörung verbreitet werden. Auch darf dabei der weltweite Terrorismmus nicht vergessen werden, der genauso schlimm ist wie die Kriege und Bürgerkriege, die geführt werden, die letzlich auch nichts anders als blanker Terror sind.


Wenn ich an den US-Präsidenten George W. Bush denke, der ein Terrorkrat ist, dann kann einem speiübel werden. Wenn der, wie schon Quetzal vor mehr als 15 Jahren sagte, im November wirklich wieder und also zum zweiternmal an die Macht kommt, dann steht der irdischen Bevölkerung tatsächlich noch einiges an Bösem und an grossen Übeln bevor, wobei es dann eventuell 2006 doch noch zu weltweiten kriegerischen Auseinandersetzungen kommen könnte. Dazu ist aber zu hoffen, dass sich doch noch alles einrenkt und die US-amerikansiche Terrorkratie eine derartig gewaltige Schlappe erleidet, dass sich alles etwas mässigt. Solange das aber nicht der Fall ist, wird der ganze Terror rund um die Welt weitergehen und die irdische Menschheit noch in sehr üble Geschehen führen.



26. Deine Worte in des Erdenmenschen Ohr, denn sie legen die Schrecklichkeit dessen dar, was durch die Überbevölkerung und durch die USA

      tatsächlich gegeben ist und sich weiter ergeben wird.




2005 update


In the year after, in 2005,  in contact 376 held on his birthday the 3rd of February 2005 Billy again mentions the window he sees as the most dangerous in respect to World war 3, the years 2010 to 2015 and also later times. It is consistent with his two previous updates. But here he adds that the third world war is prophesized to start in the Middle East. It is given in the first part of a long monolog he is holding and it goes as follows


With reference to Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte block 20 (2006) page 3827. (Plejadisch-plejarisch Kontaktberichte Block 9 (2007) page 411) 


Contact 376 Wednesday 3 February 2005, 22.57 o’clock


(My translation above the German original)





It is also now a number of years ago since you spoke about the death of the Pope and said that he still will live a number of years into the third millennium. With it is also a given that that the prophesied end of the papacy has been delayed concerning the last two popes.

Many people have also become wiser what can also contribute to the fact that the old prophesies must not come true which originate from a third world war and next is prophesied for 2006 which should find its origin in the Middle East. The danger for that to happen still exists, nevertheless, consequently it could still be possible that such a war breaks out next year if the wings of US-president George W. Bush are not clipped or another sick madman presses the red button. Should this war in fact break out then George W. Bush is solely the real initiator of the same, namely with support of all of whom shout hurray for this war malicious agitator. However, in spite of this there is still hope that the future arises well, what is also to be hoped for 2010 until 2015 as well as for other periods in the more distant future, when even more dire prophecies exists.



76. Of course.–

77. In regards to the imminent threat of war which is prophesized to start in the Middle East, the chances are currently not very good, because American warmonger-president Bush is not only eyeing a military intervention in Iran, but also in Syria.

78. It is nevertheless to be hoped that right steps are still taken to curb the power of the US-president when the authoritative sections of the population and states rise up against him and his war mongering.



German original

Semjase-Kontakt-Berichte Block 20 (2006) seite 3827

Dreihundertsechsundsiebzigster Kontakt Donnerstag, 3. Februar 205, 22.57 Uhr





Es ist auch schon eine Reihe von Jahren her, dass ihr über das Ableben des Papstes gesprochen und gesagt habt, das er noch eine Anzahl von Jahrne ins Dritte Jahrtausend hineinleben wird. Damit hat sich auch ergeben, dass das prophezeite Ende des Papsttums in bezug auf die letzten zwei Päpste hinausgeschoben wurde. Viele Menschen sind auch klüger geworden, was auch dazu beitragen kann, dass sich die alten Prophezeungen nicht erfüllen müssen, die von einem Dritten Weltkrieg ausgehen, wobei der nächste für 2006 prophezeit ist, der im Mittleren Osten seinen Ursprung finden soll. Die Gefahr dazu besteht noch immer, folglich es doch noch möglich sein könnte, dass nächstes Jahr ein solcher Krieg ausbricht, wenn dem US-Präsidenten George W. Bush nicht die Flügel gestutzt werden oder ein anderer kranker Irrer auf den roten Knopf drückt. Bricht dieser Krieg tatsächlich  aus, dann ist einzig und allein George W. Bush der eigentliche Urheber desselben, und zwar unter der Beihilfeschaft aller, die für diesen Kriegshetzer pro und hurra brüllen. Trotz allem ist aber noch Hoffnung, dass sich die Zukunft gut ergibt, was auch für 2010 bis 2015 zu erhoffen ist, wie auch für die anderen Zeiten der ferneren Zukunft, wofür ebenso düstere Prophezeiungen bestehen. 



76. Natürlich. –

77. Bezüglich des drohenden Krieges, der mit einem Ausgangspunkt im Mittleren Osten prophezeit ist, stehen gegenwärtig die Chancen nicht sehr gut, denn der amerikanische Kriegshetzer-Präsident Bush liebäugelt nicht nur mit einer kriegerischen Intervention im Iran, sondern auch in Syrien.

78. Nichtsdestoweniger jedoch ist zu hoffen, dass doch noch die richtigen Schritte getan werden, um die Macht des US-Präsidenten zu brechen, wenn sich die massgebenden Bevölkerungsschichten und Staaten gegen ihn und sein Kriegshandeln erheben.




If World War 3 breaks out – The month it will happen and how long it will last


From the book Prophezies and Predictions / Prophetien und Voraussagen (1996) by Billy page 402


This is part of contact 251 held 3rd of February 1995 (my translation above the German original)


207. If humans do not finally become sensible, then in fact the third world war is not to be avoided,  which will first begin with  conventional weapons,

       then however escalate atomically as well as chemically and biologically. The world war will break out in a certain year in the month of November,

       after about 5 years has been worked toward it in intensive form and, where this period will be preceded by additional four years in undetermined

       preparatory form.  


208. If the war in fact breaks out, then it will last for about three years and 11 months, thus it will end in the October on the fourth year after the

       Northern Hemisphere of Earth has been substantially destroyed by nuclear fire and radioactive radiation, by which the animal world as well as the

       entire flora is destroyed, should humans not see to it that the Prophesy turns out to be only such and does not come to fulfillment.


209. If this does not happen, however, then follows after the four years of wars another 11 bitter years of poverty, misery, famine and many other ills…


German original

207. Wenn der Mensch nicht endlich vernüftig wird, dann ist der Dritte Weltkrieg tatsächlich nicht zu vermeiden, der erst mit konventionellen Waffen

        beginnen, dann jedoch atomar sowie chemisch und biologisch eskalieren wird. Ausbrechen wird der Welkrieg dann in einem bestimmten Jahr im

        Monat November, nachdem rund 5 Jahre darauf hingearbeitet worden ist in intensive Form, wobei dieser Zeit noch vier weitere Jahre vorangesetzt

        sein werden in unbestimmt vorbereitender Form.


208. Bricht der Krieg dann tatsächlich aus, dann dauert er bis auf rund einen Monat 4 Jahre, so er also im Monat Oktober des veierten Jahres enden

        wird, nachdem die nördliche Halbkugel der Erde weitgehend zerstört wurde durch Atomfeuer und radioactive Strahlung, durch die sowohl die

        Tierwelt als auch die gesamte Pflanzenwelt vernichtet wird, wenn der Mensch nicht dazu sieht, dass sich die Prophetie nur als solche erweist und

        nicht in Erfüllung geht.


209. Geschieht das aber nicht, dann folgen den vier Kriegsjahren noch weitere, bittere 11 Jahre der Not, des Elends und der Hungersnot und vieler

        anderer Übel…  



Example of Preditions


The California Tsunami

When I met Billy Meier on the 5th of July 2006 in Switzerland he had just published Semjase Berichte Block 20. It contains contact 373 to 401. Out of these, contact 373 to 383 became the year after incorporated in Block 9 released beginning of 2007, whilst the remainder contacts go beyond block 9. In one of these, contact 392 dated 25th of June 2005, a prediction is made. It is about a future Tsunami which will happen in the USA. It will impact the state of California. This is an example of a prediction. It is something that will happen at some point in the future. The dialogue in the contact notes goes as follows, my own translation of the German original:


With reference to SEMJASE-KONTAKT-BERICHTE Block 20 page 3920 to 3921 Contact 392 dated 25th of June 2005



Then I would like to ask you, when was the last big seaquake disaster of similar or even worse magnitude before the Tsunami disaster in Indonesia  respectively in the <Bay of Bengal> and in Sumatra and Thailand etc.: do you know about that?



14. The last disaster of this kind occurred on the 26th of January, 1700, and in fact exactly   

        at 21.00 hours, in the northwest Pacific off the American northwest coast.

15. It was a seaquake so powerful that it raised a huge fault in the sea and created a tsunami which

       spread out in all directions and caused a great deal of havoc.

16. In particular, the North west coast of America was laid to waste far inland whereby also large

       areas of forest were destroyed.

17. In addition, the Tsunami water also rolled southward and reached the islands from Hawaii to

       Micronesia, where also on the islands great destructions and regretfully also loss of human lives

       as was the case in North of America as well.

18. However, the huge Tsunami also rolled over the Pacific to Japan where the wild waters caused

       great havoc in a similar way, as well as along certain parts of the Chinese coast.



Was that the only big sea quake with big tsunamis over the last 2714 years, from which time the sea quake disaster in Indonesia has been looming?



19. No , because others of similar size were recorded

20. Thus in our annals it is for example recorded that 2600 years ago, meaning 600 B.C.  

       as well as  400 A.C. and 700 A.C.  similar big events took place, starting in the Pacific.



And are further such events to be expected?



21. Without doubt, because such mega sea quakes from which huge tsunamis originate are already

       in the forming.

22. Probably the biggest one will also occur in the northwest Pacific – together with other ones in




You are again scanty with information and explanations.



23. According to our forecast, in the area of the North Pacific Ocean off the American coast, from

       Portland in southern California up to Washington in the North a gigantic fault of several hundred

       kilometers will form through a seaquake of the strength 9 on the Richter scale whereby an

       unprecedented sea quake tsunami will expand in a circle formation  and wreak enormous

       damage on the mainland and on the Islands as well as cause the loss of many human lives.

24. The seaquake will last for about 5 minutes after which several other lighter quakes will follow

       and as well release another smaller Tsunami.

25. Some facts concerning this threatening danger are known to Earth’s scientists, but they are

      unable to grasp the real emerging disaster.



That I can imagine because our scientists are usually narrow-minded, and besides often live with misconceptions. However, tell me now, when will this monstrous event take place?



26. It will occur on ….  Of which you however must remain silent.



You bet, my mouth is sealed. Thanks for the information.



German original


Dann möchte ich dich fragen, wann die letzte grosse Seebeben-Katastrophe gleichen oder noch schlimmeren Ausmasses war vor der Tsunami-Katastrophe in Indonesion resp. im <Golf von Bengalen> und in Sumatra und Thailand usw,: weisst du darüber Bescheid?



14. Die letzte diesartige Katastrophe ereignete sich am 26.Januar 1700, und zwar genau um 21.00 h im Nordwestpazifik vor der amerikanischen


15. Es war ein deratig gewaltiges Seebeben, das im Meer eine sehr grosse Verwerfung aufwarf und einen Tsunami erzugte, der sich in alle Richtungen

      ausbreitete und sehr viel Unheil anrichtete.

16. Ganz besonders die Norwestküste Amerikas wurde bis weit ins Land hinein verwüstet wobei auch grosse Waldgebiete zerstört wurden.

17. Weiter rollten die Tsunamiwasser auch südwärts und erreichten die Inseln von Hawaii bis nach Mikronesien, wo auf den Inseln auch grosse

     Zerstörungen und Menschenleben zu beklagen waren, wie das auch im Norden Amerikas der Fall war.

18. Der gigantische Tsunami wälzte sich aber auch über den Pazifik bis nach Japan, wo ebenfalls durch die wilden Wasser grosses Unheil angerichtet

      wurde, wie auch an gewissen Teilen der chinesischen Küste usw.



War das das einzige grosse Seebeben mit grossen Tsunamis, seit sich vor 2714 Jahren die Seebeben-Katastrophe in Indonesien angebahnt hat?



19. Nein, denn es wurden noch weitere in ähnlicher Masse verzeichnet.

20. So ist in unseren Annalen z.B festgehalten, dass sich vor 2600 Jahren, also 600 v. Chr.,

      wie auch 400 n. Chr. Und 700 n. Chr. Vom Pazifik ausgehend gleiche grosse Ereignisse zutrugen.


Billy Und, sind weitere solche Ereignisse zu erwarten?



21. Zweifellos, denn derartige Megaseebeben, durch die gewaltige Tsunamis entstehen, sind bereits im Entstehen.

22. Das wohl grösste wird sich auch im Nordwestpazifik ereignen – nebst weiteren in Indonesien


Billy Du bist wieder sparsam mit Auskünften und Erklärungen.



23.Unserer Vorausschaungen gemäss wird sich im Gebiet des Nordpazifik unweit vor der amerikanischen Küste, von Portland im Süden Kaliforniens bis

     hinauf nach Washington im Norden, durch ein Seebeben von der Stärke 9 auf der Richterskala eine gigantische Verwerfung von mehreren hundert

     Kilometern ergeben, wodurch ein bis dahin noch nie dagewesener Seebeben-Tsunami sich ringförmig ausbreiten und ungeheure Zerstörungen auf

     dem Festland und auf Inseln anrichten und auch viele Menschenleben fordern wird.

24. Das Seebeben wird rund 5 Minuten lang andauern, wonach dann viele weitere und leichtere Beben folgen und auch noch einen kleineren Tsunami

     auslösen werden.

25. Einige Fakten in bezug auf diese drohende Gefahr sind den irdischen Wissenschaftlern bekannt, doch vermögen sie nicht die wirklich entstehende

     Katastrophe zu erfassen.


Billy Das kann ich mir vorstellen, den unsere Wissenschaftler sind in der Regel borniert und leben zudem oft mit falschen Vorstellungen. Aber sag mal, wann wird das Ungeheuerliche geschehen?



26. Es wird sich ereignen am……., worüber du jedoch Stillschweigen zu bewahren hast.



Klarer Fall, mein Mund ist versiegelt. Danke für die Information.



Will the  California Tsunami happen between now and the next 88 years ?



The easiest way to relay information about a future event is to chart a sequence which repeats itself in a certain pattern.


The 5 missing years

First of all according to the Plejarans extraterrestrials and Billy Meier claim there are five years missing in our ancient history. So in the various calculations throughout the contact notes they account for these five missing years. That is also here done when Ptaah converts the 2600 years back in time to years B.C.  Thus from 2005 which was when this contact was held, minus 2600 years ago gives 595 B.C plus the five missing years make it the year 600 B.C. Reference to these five missing years can be found several places  in the contact notes. For example in Block 5 page 221 contact 213 dated 2.dezember 1986.


Sequence of the Tsunamis originating in the area of Indonesia, Golf of Bengal, Sumatra  and Thailand


2713 years prior - The buildup to the Earthquake started.

No in between sequence given in this area.

26 December 2004 at 0158 h Swiss time. The strong Earth quake took place with epicenter off Sumatra creating the deadly Tsunami. Worst hit were Indonesia and Thailand.


Sequence of Tsunamis starting in the Pacific according to the information given above


  600 BC

  400 AC  Window 1000 years from last

  700 AC  window 300 years from last

1700 AC window 1000 years from last

2005 when contact held, window 305 years from last


If the sequence going exactly by the year with spacing 1000-300-1000-300 is here meant, then the Tsunami should have happened by the year the contact was held in 2005. That obviously was not the case. Which suggest that the years above represent the first year of each century the Pacific Tsunami took place.  Mathematically it is also rather unlikely for a big Tsunami only to take place on round numerical dates, like the above 600-400-700-1700 etc. So if centuries is here meant, it would mean the years listed above represent the first year in each century.  If this pattern is meant to repeat itself, then the next 100 years counting from the year 2000 will be the time frame for when the unprecedented California Tsunami event will take place. It is already in the forming according to above. Since we are now in 2011, it means it could happen anytime between now and the next 88 years.


Time will tell…




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